2012 HPI West Coast Nationals – Pictures and Video

HPI West Coast 2012 Nats – Pics and Vid from TeamChase

TeamChase and their team were nice enough to send in pictures and video from this weekends HPI West Coast Baja Nationals at Irvine Lake. They were able to set up a booth and share their products and offer support on location at the weekends event Saturday.

Get Pictures HERE! Video Below!

Because HPI was behind this event they only allowed HPI branded cars and trucks. Which in the past years that actually made sense to some degree. For one its THEIR event and they get to make the decisions  BUT there were also no other leading brand making and selling large scale cars or trucks in the USA.

With the release of the Losi 5IVE-T last year it has been a popular choice for racers and most the attention from aftermarket brands are leaning towards that platform. So holding a race for ONLY the HPI Baja to us is not a platform that will work long term. Word is there were about 30 entries and almost half were HPI employees. To me that is proof that this platform is not capable of getting the big turnouts anymore.

So how do we run bigger and better events in large scale and who will do it? The backing from the larger manufactures is helpful but with 30 racers for a national event is writing on the wall of the eventual collaps of large scale racing. So whats next? Feel free to post your comments or thoughts below.


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  1. I agree 100%
    When HPI was the only platform they owned the racers. Now that there are other platforms such as the Losi, a single platform event is not the way to go.

    HPI better wake up and smell the roses if they want to compete in the 5th scale market. The Baja was good at the time and still is however the 5th scale market has passed them by. Its time for them to play catchup now when once they owned the market.

  2. I was at a local track (at Glen Hellen)both days of nats. There were several LOSI trucks there because Irvine was closed to them. I am sure that was the case for several other Large Scalers that go to irvine. I (as well as a lot of people i know) own both the losi and baja. Just having other platforms their would have been a boost. i still plan to race my baja but the losi isnew to me and its first on the list right now. They shouldnt limit me (a loyal baja customer for years) because i am trying something new.

  3. All companies, and I do mean ALL, that are in the 1\5 scale arena need to come together for the greater good of our sport and thier own bottom lines. Companies such as Redcat, CEN and others should finally be included in these venues, not just the big boys. There are names we know and trust, but how can you exclude smaller companies products whose cars have been known to out perform the big boys when in skilled hands? No I’m not talking about the clone companies. Only original patents welcomed. Just imagine HPI, Losi, FG, Cleon, CEN, Redcat, and anybody else with a legit patent, all on the same track or circuit. Companies might feel as if they have so much to lose but this would be the time to put your money were your mouth is. In the long run every company would benefit. Take a lesson from NASCAR. More unity, more money. THINK!

  4. As far as i am aware of the reason the hpi european championships in austria were canceled this year was because of lack of entries, all the big groups need to pull together and make this large scale racing something realy special, also how about hpi makeing a 4wd baja as well

  5. HPI must have seen this coming, and what did they bring to the sandpit a plastic fantastic electric 5SC, I would like to see the sales figure’s, in all the places I take my truck’s and buggies there is not one 5b or 5SC Flux, come to think of it there is nothing electric accept my Venom VMX450 dirtbike.
    When the HPI national’s were announced I said then they should have manned up and opened the door’s to all the Gas guzzler’s with a legit patent, but at the end of the day we are partly to blame as we did not shout foul when CEN and Redcat wanted to play with the big boy’s and were told they could not, they may have got their product’s to a lot higher standard if they had been allowed, but I suppose HPI do not want competition, well tough they have had it their own way for over five year’s now and the snow all is gaining speed and getting bigger, I am hoping that the Associated large scale will be a copy of their latest Short Course buggy very nice or even the earlier example would be a good start please no strange scale and not electric first start with a gas, then HPI will have to take note especially if Traxxas have another go as their first Gas buggy had potential just needed a bit more development.
    Was there any FLux 5SC’s racing or a separate class for electric 4×4, or the 5B Flux I never got to see the invite blurb with the class’s.
    There is obviously a call for electric and 4WD look at all the conversion’s to the Losi happening on the RCLS forum a lot more than when it was HPI or nothing, so there must be other forum’s with similar figures to our’s. I might have been tempted to have a 5SC Flux 2wd I was tempted to buy the 5B and convert it to an 5SC but with the high price of the Flux 5B as a start, then buying all the required part’s it would be double the price once finished ouch.

  6. I would say give it time. I am just getting into the 1/5 scale RC. I am stoked about the 5ive T and hope to compete with it soon once I get use to it. I would be willing to travel to comepete if I needed to.

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