Killer RC Power Starter – Roto Start reborn!

Rotor Start is reborn as the Power Starter – thanks to Killer RC


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Special thanks to Killer RC for this early release of a prototype they have been working on. We saw a popular product become discontinued as of late and it was known as the Roto Start. Killer looks like he has taken that concept and from the specs it looks to be lighter, less expensive and more portable as well. The large scale Power Starter by Killer RC. I like it! Oh and the price under $70 WOW!

So get out your HPI Baja, Losi 5IVE-T (will only work with a angle adapter of your choice, angle driver and with no tuned pipe in the way, only order for your Losi if you know you have the needed adapters to make this work) or other large 1/4 scale RC’s and be ready for the starter that will end those frustrated efforts of pulling and pulling with broken ropes and sore shoulders. Work smart, not hard…use a drill!

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Details of the Killer RC Power Starter for large 1/5 scale RC’s:


Coming late November. Under $70 retail. Easy installation. All you need to add is a power drill.
This is one of our prototypes. The production version may look slightly different.

My goal was to make a power assisted engine starter that’s simple, reliable, and affordable. The main improvement here, over other starters, is that the one way bearing is in the driver on the drill. Once the engine is running, the one way bearing is done doing its job. So the bearing is not constantly spinning with the flywheel, adding drag, getting dirty, and eventually burning up, like what sometimes happens with other starters. And those one way bearings are expensive to replace; like $30. Our bearing should never need replacing, but if it does it’s only $12.





4 thoughts on “Killer RC Power Starter – Roto Start reborn!”

  1. I hope KB has plenty of these availabe when they first release them, I know I’m getting one! No more blisters pulling a recoil starter sounds great. Can’t wait.

    Perhaps Outerwears will have a cover to fit also.

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