LSN Exclusive – Kershaw Designs West Coast Nationals Sponsorships

Kershaw Designs makes a GREAT offer to go Brushless

The upcoming West Coast Large Scale Nationals at Glen Helen is coming up soon. Get all the detail HERE in an older post. But you want more? Do you want to arrive with a new power plant? Want to be in an exclusive group of innovative racers? Read the press release below from Kershaw Designs on how they want to make your large scale HPI baja or Losi 5IVE-T or any 1/5 scale for that matter GO FAST with brushless.

Follow the thread on this offer at RC Large Scale!

Press Release:

Kershaw Designs is out to bolster the ranks of large scale electric vehicles at the Large Scale West Coast Nationals coming up.  Here’s what they are offering.  For your participation in the Large Scale Electric category at the race in early Nov, they will supply any parts needed to convert your rig to big large scale electric power AT COST.  Installation included.  Yes, that’s right – wholesale pricing for any parts brought to the race.  This includes conversions and power for HPI Baja’s, Losi 5ives, Redcat XB-E’s, E-Revo’s and Savages of any kind.  For more information contact Dan at


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