Team Associated Large Scale 1/5 Scale – 1/6 Scale Soon

Team Associated 1/5 or 1/6 Large Scale SC5 or SC6?

So the question is what scale will the new Associated Large Scale be? 1/5 or 1/6 and what will it be called? SC5, SC6, RC5T, RC6T or something all together different?

Why are we posing this question you ask? Because rumor mill is running strong the past few months of a new large scale RC coming from Associated. Especialy over the last few weeks, TGN headquarters reports getting calls or emails “almost daily” with customer wanting to know more. Large Scale RC fans expect TGN to be “in the know” since they were a part of the production and release of the Losi 5IVE-T back at the Hostile event. TGN says “they know nothing”.

So this leaves us all guessing then. With some rummors stating that the release could come as early as an event in Southern California in the coming months. If Associated was making a large scale platform, what are the specs you would want to see? 1/5 or 1/6? Short Course or Buggy or maybe a first of its kind Truggy? 2WD or 4WD? How would you build your favorite Large Scale truck or buggy?

Follow this link to RCLargeScale forums and tell us what you think. Or just be nosey and read what others are dreaming about.

14 thoughts on “Team Associated Large Scale 1/5 Scale – 1/6 Scale Soon”

  1. How can this be 1/6 scale??? It would make I useless! It would have nothing to race against, least if its 1/5th it has baja’s and losi’s to race against.

    1. 1/6 scale is very popular in other countries and also cheaper to make than a 1/5 because of its smaller size. It’s also the scale of choice of racers in Europe and Team Associated is known for making race cars so…????

      It’s just a question I am posing to the public…Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.

  2. I’ve allways told myself that if Team Associated were to come out with a large scale, it would be a true contender on the race track. I own a FT SC10 and could see it in a larger scale or the SC10 4X4 with a 26cc or larger engine putting me on the podium. As we all know that TA makes awsome race cars/trucks. I hope it will be 1/5th scale since I live close to Diggers Dungeon(home of the East Coast Large Scale Nationals). Now HPI will have another RC CO,digging in the scene…

  3. RC5Te and RC5e please! I will buy both. I already have a Baja 5SCe, Losi 5ive-Te, RC8be, SC8e, RC8Te…you can see where my preference lies. Sorry not everyone like gas powered large scale!

  4. I have been a AE fan for decades. I still have my gold pan buggy all the way up to my worlds b4.1. If I havent seen at least a prototype of this truck/buggy by april 2013, I might have to jump camps to get teh 5T after 26 years of loyalty. Im 42, I have disposalbe income and I want BIG rc.

  5. My ideal New gen 1/5th scale build concept:
    1/5th scale.
    -Buggy with truck option same base
    -Zenoah 32cc power-plant with factory jet pro style pipe.
    -2×4 base model
    -4×4 option with front diff and driveshaft quick change
    -4×4 fully loaded model
    -4 channel transmitter factory remote kill switch, electric start w/ pull start option factory
    -water proof

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