RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires for Losi 5IVE-T and HPI Baja

RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires Losi 5IVE-T & HPI

Looked what LSN just got wind of! LSN EXCLUSIVE!

The king of scale tires for R/C just announced the newest hot product for large scale fans. LSN today announces the RC4WD Officially Licensed Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires for 1/5 scale trucks. This is a single size tire, meaning it fits both front and rear of the popular Losi 5IVE-T 1/5 truck and also the front only of the HPI baja 5t and 5sc.

RC4WD has been coming up with some great officially licensed products lately and we are happy to see this concept come into play with a large scale product for the first time. Mickey Thompson tires are legends in off-road racing and the Baja MTZ tires is the choice of pro off-road racing teams world wide. We think the scale looks of this tire and its incredible detail will really help your Losi 5IVE-T stand out in the crowd.

But RC4WD did not stop with just the looks and the name, they wanted to be sure this tire performed in various conditions and most of all held up to the abuse and use of the common 1/5 scale driver. These tires have been tested on a Losi 5IVE-T on popular r/c tracks as well as street and many other conditions. The tire should be a great option for typical racing conditions. RC4WD believes they have found the perfect compound for both durability and performance.  Read below to find out more about the new Losi 5IVE-T Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires.


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Part Number: Z-T0106


Press Release:

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires for Baja and Five-T

These are a new size of the already popular Licensed Baja MTZ tires. These have been Officially Licensed by the Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels company and are only available from RC4WD and our Dealers. These new tires were tested with both racing and bashing in mind and they have proven to be a great tire for both and very durable.



  • OD:6.88″(175mm)
  • Width:3.11″(79mm)
  • X4 Rubber Compound for maximum traction and minimal tread wear
  • Made for HI Baja 5T Front wheels and Losi Five-T wheels

What’s Included:

  • 2x Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires for Baja and Five-T
  • 2x Foam inserts
  • Mickey Thompson sticker sheet

Mickey Thompson, Baja MTZ and the Mickey Thompson logo are property of Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels.




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    1. Yes they are,im getting a set, but i still would like some bfg ta’s. Cuz if there anything like the real mtz they dont last long at all.As a matter a fact im writng to bfg right now!!

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