Owner Mark Hull of TGN Interviewed on Local TV

Watch Mark Hull talk about TGN and his local Hobby Shop


Press Release from TGN Distributing:

TGN was lucky enough to have our local SBDC  office recommend to our local news channel KSEE24  to consider TGN for a special series called “Made with Pride in the Central Valley”. The show was live on the air yesterday but it’s now available for re-watch online.

We would like to thank our friends at the SBDC for all the help they have given us as a small business with the current challendges so many of us face. We recommend anyone starting or building a small business search for a local office at SBDC and consider using one or more of their many services they offer.

I would also like to thank the team at KSEE 24 for not only considering us for the spot but also for bringing attention to local businesses that are still forging away in this tuff economy. You support is important to us and we appreciate it very much.

 Video embeding did not work. So please go HERE for the video.

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