1/10 Baja 5b available now?

Hobby People Sand Storm

Ok so NO its not an HPI product and no its not truly a 1/10 scale 5b but take a closer look. This thing is strangely simular to an HPI baja yet its a Hobby People product and its a 1/10 scale electric. Lots of areas on the car are mechanically identical and if cropped and zoomed in you would almost think your looking at an HPI baja 5b.

It’s called the Hobby People Sand Storm and it’s an electric 1/10 scale sand rail.

We see copied and clones all the time but this one is a bit different and I thought you HPI fans or just large scale aficionados would appreciate this one. Enjoy the images below and if your feeling like adding to your R/C collection, purchase it HERE.



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