Castle Creations Service Advisory 2012-01: Inspection and Corrective Action Notice

Service Advisory 2012-01: Inspection and Corrective Action Notice


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SA 2012-01        



Inspection & Corrective Action Notice

May 15, 2012



ICE2 160HV         ICE 200         Hydra ICE 240      Mamba XL      Hydra ICE 200HV     

It has come to our attention that some of these ESCs which shipped since the August 2011 recall on the ICE HV, Mamba XL and Hydra Ice may experience failures due to the control board becoming unseated from the power board. This includes controllers that were repaired or replaced in response to the recall. This only applies to the controllers listed above.  It does not apply to all ICE2HV controllers.

The controllers listed above were built using two different plastic shell assemblies over the course of their production. Castle originally used two end caps that snapped around the heat sink halves and are held in place with adhesive labels. We switched to a newer plastic shell that was held together by four screws. The type of plastic shell used dictates the means of retaining the controllers’ control board in its socket on the power board.

As we made every effort to repair and return the exact controllers that we received in response to our August 2011 recall, units shipped back to customers may use either plastic assembly. The 4 screw clamshell case may leave enough space between the control board and the metal heat sink for the control board to become unseated from the power board. Castle has an easy to install means of ensuring the control board stays seated in the units built with the clamshell design; installation of a small piece of silicone-rubber foam to maintain a slight compression of the boards.


All new controllers made and shipped during the period of August, 2011, to May 10, 2012, with the clamshell plastic should be assumed to need a foam keeper installed before any attempt is made to power or use the controller in any way.

Click here to view complete instructions of the inspection procedure may be found on our website. 

Castle will provide users with the special foam at no charge. Please use the email form on the web page listed above to send us your mailing address and we will get the foam out to you immediately.

Our records indicate that there are still quite a few controllers covered by the August 2011 recall that have not been returned to us for updating.  Our conversations with customers at events around the country all seem to indicate that many of you were waiting until our service wait time was reduced in order to receive your repaired controller in the shortest possible time. Please be advised  that our return time on these units is now generally a matter of a few days.

Please do not use controllers covered by the August 2011 advisory that have not been updated to ICE2, Hydra ICE2, or Mamba XL2 status.  Send them in to Castle using the procedure outlined on the advisory page so that we can update them.

We apologize for any inconvenience any of these issues may cause you, and we sincerely appreciate your business.

We look forward to regaining your trust in our products and our company.



Team Castle


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