LSN Interview – O’Neill Brothers Racing


LSN Interviews Sean from Oneill Brothers Racing


Oneill Brothers Racing, also known as OBR has just reached their 10 year anniversary.  These guys started back in the midst of the Go-Ped craze building crazy scooters with hopped up engines. I too started my business in scooters just about 13 years ago now and I used to sell my handlebars and custom parts to the OBR family. The scooter business has slowed tremendously and has been doing so for more than 6 years and both myself and OBR have transitioned into mostly R/C. They not only make motors for the HPI Baja but they ship a ton of product international to other 1/5 fanatics and have now

Its been a true pleasure watching a small home grown business flourish to an international company shipping hundreds and hundreds of hand built motors across the world. When you think of FAST motors its hard to not think of OBR. When you think of good friends  who KNOW HOW TO PARTY, its hard to not think of OBR.

We hope you enjoy this quick interview with OBR and please follow the links below for more ways to follow and learn about the Oneill Brothers.


Follow OBR on facebook HERE.

Check out their website and products HERE.

Follow the OBR blog HERE.

Watch OBR videos HERE.


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