DarkSoul shows you how to install a Hitec 5755MG into a Losi 5IVE-T

 DarkSoul slams a Hitec 5755MG in a Losi 5IVE-T


I have transplanted my old Rhino Digi 4 (now the Hitec 5755MG – ht199 ) into my Losi using the DarkSoul Meaty Mount Servo Adapter –

TGN – Darksoul Meaty Mount Servo Adapter for the HPI Baja.

It is a perfect fit, and does not alter the throttle or brake linkage angles. Also, the stock Losi arm is a perfect fit onto the output shaft.

The 5755 at 347 oz/in @ 6v and a great price at $87.00 is pretty hard to beat. I have been using this Digi 4 for several years, and have multiple 5755 versions in all my other large scale rigs, and have only ever burned one up, which was actually my own fault from not having end points correctly set up, and even then, HiTec was great in replacing it no charge.

I have some added bits on here, the spacer attached to the mount for the brake brace IS NOT part of the Meaty Mount. Also, to make this work, you will need to space the left side of the servo up just a hair with some small washers, or some other form of spacer to be perfectly level. Also, please be aware that the hardware included with the Meaty Mount is standard, so you will need to use that hardware when utilizing the Meaty Mount.

Original Product Release Info – DarkSoul Racing “MeatyMount” HD servo adapter


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