Grafil 2 Piece Body for HPI Baja 5T & 5SC

Grafil 2 Piece SC Body for the HPI Baja 5t and 5SC


Product Link: HERE

Product Part Number: baja5sc-g


This is cool. A 2 part or 2 piece short course wide body for the HPI Baja 5T or 5SC. In the near future we will be stocking just the rear pieces and front pieces sold separately. This way if you wreck or damage only one part of the body a replacment is not so costly.


Press Release:


These bodies are made of flexible 2mm lexan.  Give your Baja the style upgrade it’s been waiting for!


  • Sold Clear with protective film (all photos show painted bodies)
  • Requires trimming.
  • Handmade in Italy


Stress Test Video HERE!

we are proud to present our new Short Course body (Lexan 2 mm), called 5SC-G.This is a 2-piece body, so it can be easily shipped and if 1 part is damaged, it can be replaced easily and at a lower cost.

Our innovative and original body can be adapted to different models, such as  HPI Baja – MCD – Red Cat – FS Racing ….

Give your Baja the style upgrade it’s been waiting for!

These Grafil bodies come clear and with protective film, but require trimming.

Handmade in Italy.

The kit components are:

1 Front body (clear Lexan 2mm with double protection films)

1 Rear body (clear Lexan 2mm with double protection films)

6 Bolts (3 mm)

1 Set windows stickers mask

1 Set stickers (light F/R – upper front window with logo GraFil – etc….)

Thunder Wraps reviews by RC Car Action

Kevin of RCCA Install Thunder HPI Baja 5SC Body Wraps

RC Car Action is really on top of their game lately. It seems they are more active than ever, doing blog posts, event coverage, ipad apps, Radio Control Show and all sorts of other cool media stuff. Check out their site HERE.

Keeping us Large Scale fanatics happy, Kevin Hetmanski of RCCA has posted up a sneak peak of just one part of a new HPI Baja 5SC project for an upcoming issue. He is removing the stock stickers from his 5SC and installing the Thunder Body Wraps.

Check out the detailed instructions and tips post HERE.

We have decided in honor of this post on RCCA we have listed ALL Thunder Wraps ON SALE. That includes all wraps for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t and 5sc. Check out the entire product line from Thunder HERE.


The Driver Stand Podcast is all about Large Scale

The Driver Stand Podcast goes Large Scale

LSN reported on the new The Driver Stand Podcast months ago and also posted our interview with them shortly after that. Since then it is has been noted that they are going to mostly focus on Large Scale R/C from here on out. Which is great news for all of us fans of this hobby.

Currently they have an interview with Ted from DarkSoul as well as Chris from Hemistorm which is a unique opportunity to get a chance to hear these manufactures speak on the subject of large scale. Especially with all the buzz of the new Losi 5IVE-T 4WD, I think thats going to spark up a lot of great things to come.

They have also covered events while recording live on location with interviews. They cover new products with reviews & their thoughts and they also offer up tips from time to time!

I have been a fan of the idea of podcast for some time and now I am an even bigger fan of this particular show. I think it’s great to see radio control step into the current times with how media is absorbed and used in the current world. Podcasts is one of them… So we thank you for doing what you do month after month.

So go HERE and check it out, consider downloading some of their shows, or just simply subscribe to them on itunes.

DarkSoul Open Clutch Carrier for Losi 5IVE-T

DarkSoul Billet Open Clutch Carrier for the Losi 5IVE-T

The billet clutch carrier with oversized bearings has been one of the most popular upgrade in the baja scene with several options being produced by different manufactures. So it was clear that when the Losi hit the market we would see several options become available.

There are a couple things that stick out about the DarkSoul version of their clutch carrier for the Losi. First it’s an “open design” which makes it the only one currently available on the market with this style. There are two thoughts (or maybe needs) in our industry on the clutch carrier. Some preferred closed (yet vented) to keep the dirt away from the pads. Others prefer a open design that allows air to flow freely over what is arguably the hottest area of the truck yet allowing dirt to flow in and right back out. For many racers in less dirty areas, they prefer open and guys that run in the sand a lot prefer closed. Both styles have their positives and negatives.

Check out the new DarkSoul Billet Open Clutch Carrier for the Losi 5IVE-T below.

Product Link: HERE

Part Number: DSR7000


The DarkSoul Clutch bell carrier is designed for maximum air flow over the clutch and clutch bell to keep everything cool when running larger HP motors. Constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum, the carrier is very strong, and utilizes larger Team Fast Eddy bearings for better strength, and heat resistance. Weighing in at 163g. (vs. 135g. for the stock) this is a very minimal increase in weight, which is more than offset by the benefits of added heat dissipation,  superior bearings, and superior strength.

SkoPod Brushless Losi 5IVE-T Kit Tested

Brushless Losi 5IVE-T SkoPod Coversion

SkoPod Brushless 5IVE-T Kit Test Video

TGN Press Release

Video Below

We had the pleasure of helping SkoPod do some bash testing on their prototype Brushless Conversion Kit for the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD. We decided we would share some of our video footage  prior to the product release so all you electric fanatics have something to look forward to. So far everything tested well and we had no issues. Including motor temp etc.

We used the trusted Castle Creations XL Motor & ESC. We had the “punch” turned down on the ESC in order to save our battery packs and the truck still had a lot of low end grunt. Lots more testing to be done with different gears and ESC settings but it was a great day to run a brushless Losi 5IVE-T. Having the 4WD made the torque and top speed found on electrics even more useable than on the HPI Baja we own. More information on this kit like pricing and availability will be updated on LSN and TGN soon.

Like all out of stock product on the TGN site, you can select “Notify me when available” and enter your email address and be notified when the product is in stock. CLICK HERE to see the product page.

The SkoPod team could not turn up at a bash session without a 62cc monster so they put some time on their new Losi 5IVE-T conversion with a 62cc installed. They are expected to have a pipe and a install kit available soon but for now they are testing overal performance with this engine and based on their showing at the TeamChase compound and this bash session I believe this will be a great option for the power hungry large scale drivers.

We also tested several other products on this day on a total of three Losi 5IVE-T’s. In our shop truck we tested the DarkSoul Billet Open Clutch Carrier which performed flawlessly as it has for the past few months.  We tested both the TeamChase Titanium Steering and King Pins which as expected worked great. Also tested was the RadioPost 2.4 radio system. TGN has considered offering this radio to our customers but we insisted on using it first hand before we expected our customers to do so. So far we have tested it at Dunetoberfest, TeamChase and several bash sessions and we are very pleased. We expect to stock these radios at TGN very soon.


TeamChase Losi 5IVE-T CV Coupler Installation Video

TeamChase Losi 5IVE-T Coupler Installation

Product Link: HERE

Video Below…

One of the biggest pain in the butt things to do to the Losi 5IVE-T is remove the rings that capture your front & rear CV coupler pins. These rings are pesky little things that can be a pain to remove and re-install. So thanks to the great minds at TeamChase, there is now a great alternative to keeping those pins in place while still allowing quick and easy removal. They have come to the rescue with the TeamChase CV Quick Coupling Set.

Losi 5IVE-T TeamChase Coupler



MMR Pro MX Clutch System Coming Soon

Over the last few month’s Scotty Finlay (FRP) has been hard at it working on this clutch system to deliver you the very best from your engine.

With the advent of more and more powerful engines coming onto the market. He seen the need to transfer more power from the engine to the wheels more efficiently.

Engaging solutions.

With the Pro-MX clutch system Scott has taken already proven technology from his primary field of expertise. (Minimoto’s)

During development of the Pro-MX clutch system he seen the need to break the current mold of 54mm clutch’s and developed the 70mm fully adjustable clutch.

Why 70mm?

By changing the ratio between the engine and the drive wheels. (as shown below)

The engine can deliver more power to the drive wheels. (As shown below)

Providing faster acceleration (As shown below)

We know how much you like to tinker so we gave you more options than you thought possible.
Even with the most highly strung of engines, the infinitely adjustable Pro-MX clutch system will allow you to be able to dial it in to perfection.

The clutch’s bite point is set by pre-loading the springs

Spring adjustment tool.

The way the clutch sustains slip is adjusted by using different spring thicknesses.

From left to right 1.6mm Green, 2.0mm Yellow, 2.3mm Blue, 2.5mm Red

Further fine tuning can be made by adding weight to the BZM shoes.

The Pro-MX system

The housing is manufactured from high quality aircraft grade aluminum.

A unique feature we have designed into the back housing is the ability install the systems to both Zen, CY and BZM without any modifications. By way of a reversible locating ring.

The clutch back plate itself. Is manufactured from 7075 T6 heat treated aluminum.

Here are the components that come together to make the clutch assembly.

Clutch fully assembled.

How does this clutch compare to the stock clutch.

The drum is manufactured from a top secret grade of iron that Scott uses in minimoto racing clutch’s

The wall thickness of the drum is 2.5mm giving it enough body to absorb more energy and offer more consistent clutch operation even in the most demanding of engine’s and situations.

The system has been designed to work exclusively with the HPI Baja 5B,T and SC running Zen, CY or BZM Micro engines.

We are working on a Losi system as we speak and Dawson 2 strokes are working on BZM 50 compatibility.

The system has been made compatible with the TR H/D gear plate and pinions.
(If you dont have a TR H/D clutch system with a 32mm hole you can cone cut the stock gear plate out to 32mm and use it).

System fully assembled

System fully installed

No need to worry about spares. All wearing parts are readily available as some parts are very well established on the market.

Hardware set

Clutch shoes

Pivot posts



A short clip of the clutch in action.


TGN makes it easy finding your Losi 5IVE-T parts.

Press Release:

We are working hard here at TGN to develop the “go-to” site for the Losi 5IVE-T and in order to do that we need to carry a LOT of parts by a lot of manufactures. The trouble with a lot of parts is navigation, making the parts easy to find in the sea of goodies.

In this post I am going to share several ways to navigate the TGN site for Losi 5IVE-T parts and we will also ask for ANY feedback or suggestions you may have to make our site better.


Start by “mousing over” the Losi button. The image to the right gets you to our stock parts finder.

Clicking the Part Finder button will get you to a page that allows for two ways to find your stock Losi 5IVE-T parts. One way is to choose to browse by “Type of Part” and view all the parts in that category. Simply click “Chassis Parts” etc.

OR you can simply click on a red dot on the image and get an exploded view like you see below. Just click on the corresponding part number (which lights up when you mouse over) and your directed to the stock replacement part by Losi.


Once your viewing the stock part, notice that many parts will have a “Recommended Items” tab. This tab will bring up any aftermarket options we stock for this particular part or any related part possibly needed for installation or service of that part.


One fast way is to use the feature above, where you find the stock parts using the exploded view and then clicking “Recommended Items” and viewing aftermarket options.

Or simply “mouse over” the Losi 5IVE-T button and from here you have a couple options. You can search by BRAND or by TYPE.

Lets start with by brand, if you dont see the brand your looking for click “Browse All Brands” and see a list of brands offering parts for the Losi 5IVE-T. To keep your search as clean and fast as possible we have left out all stock parts from this section, your just browsing aftermarket parts at this point.

Once you click a BRAND you will see all the aftermarket parts that manufacture makes for the Losi 5IVE-T like you see below.

If you choose to browse by TYPE of part you can click one of the options you see listed or click on “More 5IVE-T Parts” to expose a page like the one below with all the links at the top or simply browse one page at a time using the page numbers.



If all else fails, try our search or advanced search found on the top right of every page. The advanced search works great, allowing you all types of options including what categories to search in and even searching for a particular price range.


You will also notice that many of our items have a “Videos” tab. Click there to see everything from performance videos, reviews and installation tips etc.


Please use the comment section below or go to this thread on RCLS and give us your thoughts and feedback. The most useful and constructive feedback gets a free LSN t-shirt.