SkoPod Brushless Losi 5IVE-T Kit Tested

Brushless Losi 5IVE-T SkoPod Coversion

SkoPod Brushless 5IVE-T Kit Test Video

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We had the pleasure of helping SkoPod do some bash testing on their prototype Brushless Conversion Kit for the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD. We decided we would share some of our video footage  prior to the product release so all you electric fanatics have something to look forward to. So far everything tested well and we had no issues. Including motor temp etc.

We used the trusted Castle Creations XL Motor & ESC. We had the “punch” turned down on the ESC in order to save our battery packs and the truck still had a lot of low end grunt. Lots more testing to be done with different gears and ESC settings but it was a great day to run a brushless Losi 5IVE-T. Having the 4WD made the torque and top speed found on electrics even more useable than on the HPI Baja we own. More information on this kit like pricing and availability will be updated on LSN and TGN soon.

Like all out of stock product on the TGN site, you can select “Notify me when available” and enter your email address and be notified when the product is in stock. CLICK HERE to see the product page.

The SkoPod team could not turn up at a bash session without a 62cc monster so they put some time on their new Losi 5IVE-T conversion with a 62cc installed. They are expected to have a pipe and a install kit available soon but for now they are testing overal performance with this engine and based on their showing at the TeamChase compound and this bash session I believe this will be a great option for the power hungry large scale drivers.

We also tested several other products on this day on a total of three Losi 5IVE-T’s. In our shop truck we tested the DarkSoul Billet Open Clutch Carrier which performed flawlessly as it has for the past few months.  We tested both the TeamChase Titanium Steering and King Pins which as expected worked great. Also tested was the RadioPost 2.4 radio system. TGN has considered offering this radio to our customers but we insisted on using it first hand before we expected our customers to do so. So far we have tested it at Dunetoberfest, TeamChase and several bash sessions and we are very pleased. We expect to stock these radios at TGN very soon.


20 thoughts on “SkoPod Brushless Losi 5IVE-T Kit Tested”

  1. Looks really good, the brushless did well for pushing the big 4×4 around. The 62 sounded like it was getting bogged down by the can, definitely needs a pipe, but of course I know it will be a screamer.

    1. Yes, it will use the stock 4 bolts and spacers. The rear mount will be there to support the engine via zip ties and to mount the ESC.

    1. The main thing you need to watch for is a high C rating. Something at least 40c is preferred unless your willing to tone down the “punch” in the ESC by a lot. Even then this motor and ESC is power hungry so you want good battery packs.

      So far the best packs for me have been the MaxAmps packs with what they call a 150c true rated. They are not cheap but so far they are holding up. We are also testing some other packs from different companies to try to figure out what holds up best.

  2. @Oregon_Basher,
    I worked for husqvarna, global leader in chainsaws,

    and a 365 chainsaw has a 65cc engine putting out 4.6hp or 3400watts of power

    while a brushless setup like the castle monster XL2 is putting out
    4700watts which means 6.34hp

    electric motors delivers the torque instantly(no clutch lag)
    electric motors require very very little maintenance
    electric is plug and play!

    Hope I made it clear(er) lol
    Karl S

  3. @ Mark

    Castle Mamba Monster XL2 is rated at 8s 160amps.

    Its conservative! In fact, it can handle 12s of power at 160amps.

    If ever the motor asked for it’s maximum power (due to whatever reasons) it would kill those maxamps batteries

    The ESC can give a maximum power of 7104watts to the motor.

    Can the battery give so much watts? No. That is why they mentionned that they needed to reduce the punch to managed the batteries!

    Karl S

    1. Castle Creations have officially stated on forums the XL motor they offer will NOT work properly with 10s and that ALL WARRANTY is voided when anything more than 8s is used.

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