New cars and trucks from FG Modelsports

New cars & trucks being presented in Germany by FG Modelsport

Looks like FG has some surprises up their sleeve for the upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. This show is huge and often times is a hot place for new products to be released within the R/C industry.

The news comes from a post made by the US FG distributor DDM on Stay tuned to either of those locations and I am sure DDM will keep us all informed.

We expect FG to go public with details once the show has started and I am especially excited to see whats under these bodies. Often times FG will announce a new model but under the fancy new shell is often times a re-do of a current model. I would love to see something new  and exciting come from them.

Two points to be made about this flyer. One is you will notice the “BMW Style” body is the exact replica of the full size truck body made by John of RCP. See his interview and view details of that body HERE. The second thing of interest is the promotion of electric 1/5 scale models badged as Epower. Brushless large scale seems to be getting more and more popular from what we are seeing HERE. We are looking forward to seeing more about this and whats inside these machines.

Models noted on the flyer below are Monster Truggy, SC Truck, FGX6-SC, 1:5 Sportline 4WD 530-E, Baja Buggy WB535B 4WD and the Baja Buggy WB535 4WD.



2 thoughts on “New cars and trucks from FG Modelsports”

  1. My guess is that it is their new 4wd Leopard Sport chassis under these new Bad Boys…at least for the Monster Truggy, SC Truck, FGX6-SC. If it is they should handle great, my 4wd Leopard Comp is a great handling buggy!!

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