Barndog Racing TeamChase Cage Panels are HERE!

Barndog Lexan TeamChase Cage Panels

Part Number: BDR 5050

Product Link: HERE

Ever since the first debute at the TeamChase Toys For Tots Drive the Barndog Racing Lexan panels have been in high demand and the talk is all over the web. Now you have a clean stylish way to run your TeamChase HPI Baja Cage body-less.

The Barndog aluminum panels have been available for some time now but with the difficulty of painting and one off nature of these custom bodies it made it difficult for a guy to want to go do heavy bashing with such special pieces. But with the new lexan body panels you can custom paint them just like any clear body and create a very scale Class 1 buggy look for your HPI baja. Oh and the best part is the panels will be sold individually very soon. So ya wreck the roof, replace just the roof, reck the hood, replace just the hood.

Check out the detailed instruction video posted by Barndog and TeamChase below.


Press Release:

The famous Barndog panels have been reborn and reshaped into an all new product. Now you can pick up a full set of Lexan plastic formed body panels for your TeamChase HPI Baja 5t or 5SC roll cage exclusively distributed through TGN. These panels are made specifically for the TeamChase Roll Cage to allow users to run with the cage only and have a truggy or Class 1 style look added to their already beefy cage.

They are proudly made in Northern California and fit the Chase Cage like a glove. They have a whole new look and feel with killer looking contours and a shape all of its own. Be original, cut it out to your preferred shape and style, paint it, sticker it, mount it and add a worry free, extremely strong and unique look to your baja.

Panels come un-cut and unpainted.  Some cut lines do exist but your free to trim it out as you like. These are simple to mount, they will come with instructions and hardware.

Individual panels will be sold seperately soon, so if you damage a hood, or roof you will be able to purchase just that single piece.




4 thoughts on “Barndog Racing TeamChase Cage Panels are HERE!”

  1. I just purchased a set of these panels for my TC roll cage, spent 7hrs cutting, trimming & filing the edges back.
    Now its off getting professionally painted. Each panel will have 3colours, all being Red,White & Orange.
    The panels are definitely thicker.
    Cant wait to get it all on & running.
    Im more than happy with what i had to pay to get it sent over here to Australia, i could tell straight away from the thickness of the panels that they are going to last a long time!
    If u do happen to break one of these panels……you are doing something seriously wrong!

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