BZM-Micro covers the Losi 5IVE-T and their 28.5cc

BZM-Micro gets busy with their video camera

The boys over at BZM-Micro have been posting up some new videos of their Losi 5IVE-T  in action with the BZM 28.5cc engine equipped with a special tuned pipe that we are told is in the works.

You can purchase the Bizeta BZM-Micro engines at TGN HERE.

Check out their videos below. And to tune into their current builds and other things going on about the Losi 5IVE-T check out the Losi forum HERE.


This is a cool video covering “generalizations” of the Bizeta 28.5cc compared to a CY engine.

Now they show you hot to install the BZM 28.5cc, 23cc or 26cc engine into a Losi 5IVE-T

Now they take it for a spin, check out these videos



Hemistorm paints his Losi 5IVE-T and shows you the ropes

Hemistorm Paints a Losi 5IVE-T

Hemistorm is a manufacture of aftermarket hop-up parts for the HPI Baja and has promised to come out of the gate hitting hard on the new Losi 5IVE-T. We have not seen any new parts but he did make this post showing the details of how he painted his new Losi 5IVE-T body.

Check out all the pictures and post your comments on THIS post at


TeamChase Toys for Tots 2011 – Wrap Up

TeamChase Toys for Tots Drive 2011

The 2011 TeamChase Toys for Toys Drive has come and gone and we have put together a wrap-up of our coverage below. We hope you enjoy the post and if you skipped the event this year, I hope the images convince you to do otherwise next year.


The Media:

* You can see almost 300 images of the event taken by LSN HERE.

* Richard of X-Treme Dirt Photos posted up over 200 images HERE.

* Read more about the event, see more pictures & post about your experience HERE.

* Videos by TeamChase and Crafterwerks-RC embedded below.


The Cause: The Marines Toys for Tots Foundation


The Loot: $1,900 in donations were raised to go straight to the foundation along with 17+ large boxes filled with toys for the less fortunate.


The location: TeamChase Compound is in the beautiful Southern California city of Perris (just off the 15 headed to vegas from LA). The compound sits on top of mountain with amazing views and limited neighbors in sight (thats good when you have your own 1/5 scale track..haha).



The Wrap Up:

Several valuable items were donated to the big raffle which raised funds for the Toys for Tots Foundation. The total raised for these items was just over $1,700.00. Here are the items donated and images of the winners.


Grand Prize- HPI Baja 5b decked out with a ton of aftermarket goodies donated by TGN Distributing. Valued over $2,000!


Two Bodies were custom painted by Got Paint, one on a HPI Baja 5T and another on a body donated by Woodster.


TNT donated one of their heavy duty baja stands to the cause. Do you recognize this guy? He was the lucky winner of the HPI Baja donated by TGN last year! Lucky guy!


A new SC Wide Body was donated by RCP which was won by this lucky lady.


TeamFastEddy also held his own side raffle for one of his popular work stands for the HPI Baja. Ironically Gary of Team Losi won the stand but was promised he would get the new Losi top plate soon. Eddies raffle raised an additional $210 for the Toys for Tots Foundation. Thank you Ed!


 Both HPI Racing and Losi Racing were present at this event and playing nicely pitted right next to each other. Way to go guys! Thanks for your support!


The turnout was excellent, I believe it was increased by a good amount from last year. Weather was a little iffy across LA so I do believe some may have skipped out on making the trip based off their local weather. Either way it was great to see so many of the regulars as well as some of the new guy and gals out at the Chase Compound.

TONS of item were donated by the event sponsors listed below. We raffled off most of them using the tickets they received when donating a toy. The others we done by people lining up and getting handed items as they passed by the Marine Master Sargent


Some new items were being tested out at this event. Including several TeamChase Losi 5IVE-T items like this skid plate that was beat down all weekend with no issues. Pick up this part and others HERE.

And this DarkSoul 5IVE-T Billet Clutch Carrier took the abuse of stunt driver Mark Hull.

Purchase these very soon at TGN right HERE.

Check out the new Craftwerks-RC light pods being tested on the Chase Compound.

Purchase these NOW at TGN HERE.

The big shock of the weekend I think came from Barndog Racing. Check out his new panels he is working on for the TeamChase cage for the HPI Baja. WOW! Coming soon to TGN!


Special Thanks goes out to “DJ Maytag”, our good friend Mike Phelps was there all day and night pumping out the tunes as he was last year. If your in Southern California and your in need of a new bed or appliances, please support his store, Action Maytag in Temecula.


The TeamChase Toys for Tots Drive would not be the same without In-N-Out which is completely sponsored by TeamChase each year. YUM YUM!


A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the TeamChase Family, which makes this event possible and allows all us boys and girls to play at their compound for the weekend. You are truly special people to this industry and we appreciate all that you do.

Special Thanks to these sponsors:


The END. Thank you all for coming and thanks to all the sponsors. Another successful large scale event. See you all next year. Happy Holidays from LSN!

Craftwerks-RC TeamChase TFT Official Video:

TeamChase Track Videos:

TeamChase Promo Video:

2012 LSOR CHALLENGE CUP – United Kingdom



This is the first indoor arena off-road race for large scale radio controlled buggies, racing on a sand and fibre surface. With Classes for 2WD and 4WD. This is the first event of its kind in the UK and follows the success of similar races in Europe


Feb 17th

The Venue:

Norton Heath Equestrian Centre

Fingrith Hall Lane,

Blackmore, Essex CM4 0JP

United Kingdom

Phone : 01277 824860

Fax : 01277 823948




TGN Open House – Thursday 12-15-11


 TGN – Exeter Hobbies – Open House Thursday Dec 15th


Our Grand Opening/Open House was a huge success. Hundreds turned out to see the new store and check out all the demos. We gave away ove 20 pizzas to our customers who visited us from 5pm-9pm. WOW, thanks for all the suport. Here is a quick video of our store in case you could not make it.  It was done on an iPhone so it’s a little shaky so I apologize.


TGN has been in their new location for just over 3 months. With this expanded space, we have been able to broaden into several different areas of the hobby that we could not have done in our previous space-most notably is the new Losi 5IVE-T. We expanded into not only offering the kits but also all of the stock and aftermarket parts.

The new location has also allowed us to open a new retail outlet that allows locals and our distant fans traveling through Central California to come in and see our products first hand. The new retail location has been named Exeter Hobbies and it’s a full service hobby shop stocking R/C cars and trucks from 1/24 – 1/5 scale, R/C Airplanes, R/C Helicopters, Train Kits, Plastic Models, Magic Kits, Toys and more.

We currently have an indoor 1/24 scale track and a small rock crawling course within it. Early next year we have plans to open a 1/10 scale indoor track in a 7,500 sqft facility right next door.

Our Grand Opening will start at 10am with our local radio station broadcasting live with food and refreshments. Our celebration will continue till 9pm with complimentary pizza being served at 5pm. We’ll have all of our cars, trucks, heli’s, and planes in action for all to demo. So if you’re in the Visalia area, please come join us and experience an all new and exciting store here in Exeter.

130 E. Maple St Exeter Ca 93221 (559)592-4880


Losi 5IVE-T Product Bulletin

Losi 5IVE-T Product Bulletin

Well some times it’s inevitable that a product as complicated, large an extensive as the new Losi 5IVE-T 4WD BND kit that at some point there will need to be a factory fix or replacement issue taken care of. The HPI Baja saw a fair share of parts that were either replaced by warranty or later improved in a different version. This Losi slip up appears to be a simple one, just some short screws that may need to be replaced with longer ones. See more details below.


News Bulletin:

It has come to our attention that a small quantity of the 5IVE-T trucks were assembled with a shorter than correct length screw to attach the front gear box/skid plate. Before operating your 5IVE-T please remove and check the two front most 6mm flathead screws from the bottom of the chassis and confirm they are ¾”/20mm long. If they are not please call Losi Service @ (909) 390-9595 Ext. 300 and you will be sent the longer screws. Under no circumstances should you operate the 5IVE-T with the shorter screws. We apologize for this error and thank you for your help correcting it.

TGN offers up FREE USA SHIPPING for December!

TGN offers up FREE USA SHIPPING for the month of December

December is the month to shop right? So why not save some money and shop at TGN and get FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders of ANY value headed anywhere in the US. That’s right, TGN has never done this before and who knows….we may never do this again…??? So take advantage and get those Losi 5IVE-T’s on order for your favorite uncle or order yourself up some hop-ups from BZM, TeamChase, DarkSoul, Craftwerks or thousands more from over 60 different companies.

For the Losi 5IVE-T owners this means its a perfect time for you to browse our sweet new stock replacement part finder HERE.

Or search our FRESH PRODUCTS section for all the hot items that have arrived in the past 30 days. This includes the Losi 5IVE-T, HPI Baja, Crawlers and Short Course items from dozens of manufactures.


Thanks for shopping with TGN, we appreciate all your business and support over the years and we wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season.



BZM-Micro 28.5 installed in a Losi 5IVE-T

BZM-Micro 28.5cc engine installed into a Losi 5IVE-T

The boys over at MMR have taken it upon themselves to open up a brand             new Losi 5IVE-T 4WD kit and install their almighty powerhouse of an engine. The BZM-Micro 28.5cc engine putting out upwards of 8 horse power. The combined this awesome engine with a custom tuned pipe they are working on.

I knew it would only be a matter of days since the release that we would see this happen. So now sit back and enjoy the video. I look forward to these guys showing us more of this combination and hopefully making this pipe available for resale soon.




X-treme RC Cars Magazine is closing its doors?

X-treme RC Cars Magazine- rumors about closing its doors.

Rumor on the street is their is another R/C magazine printing its final issue. That would make 2 of the 4 magazines here in the US to close its doors in 2010. First it was RC Car and now X-treme if the rumors are true.

We have heard the subscriptions will be sold to another magazine either RC Car Action or RC Driver, your only two US magazines left.

I am sure I am just one of the thousands who will miss this magazine. Not only did I enjoy the type of articles and how they were written but all the nice ladies were not a bad thing either. If anyone knows anymore information please pass it on.


Live from TeamChase Toys For Tots Drive – 2011

Live Coverage from the TeamChase Marines Toys For Tots Drive

If you have not heard of the TeamChase Toys For Tots Drive then you must have been sleeping under a rock somewhere. It’s this weekend, December 3rd. So get to the garage and get that HPI, Losi, MCD, FG or whatever large scale your prefer and get out to the most exciting and fun filled event of the year.

Bring a toy and play all day, get a free lunch catered by In-N-Out (yes I said free In-N-Out) and help out a great cause for the Marines Toy For Toys Foundation.

Official website with all the details HERE.

See over 350 image of 2010 HERE.

TeamChase and a couple of their sponsors will be donating some free parts including bodies, custom paint jobs and more. TGN has just coughed up this decked out HPI Baja 5b with over $1000 in hop-ups! Donate and Win, can’t get better than that!


Hope to see some of you there. Come say hello, I will be the guy with the big ass camera around my neck. 😉




UPDATES BELOW (newest at top)

Any videos we are uploading do now show up below so you must go direct to our gallery and view those HERE.

 4:00 UPDATE: Well we gave out TONS of free product from all the sponsors including 2 Losi XXX-SCB’s, lots of HPI parts and aftermarket parts from misc companies. Then we put a line together and gave out HPI and Losi shirts along with some other misc aftermarket parts. We got our group picture done with the Marines and all the donated toys. We collected probably a couple more boxes than last year so thats pretty cool. In-n-Out is due here with their truck very soon. A little more racing before food and then the big giveaway raffle. TeamFastEddy has done a separate raffle for his stand and raised a couple hundred dollars and the main raffle is expected to bring in even more for this great cause.

12:00pm UPDATE: Not sure how many people are here but man its a LOT. Music is going, live feed from is up and running. There is a raffle going on to raise money for the Toys For Tots. There are two custom painted bodies up for grabs, Chase cage and TGN offered up a $2000 custom HPI baja5b. Last year we raised a lot of money for this cause so we hope to get a good amount raised again. Thanks for all the support from the sponsors.

10:00am UPDATE: WOW, lots of people here, lots of cars and truck. Crazy! Still a little windy but Chase has a sweet new water trailer to keep things damp for the racers. The new track layout is a lot of fun, more technical with more turns etc. Losi’s and HPI’s mixing things up on the track. Pretty cool to see for sure, never thought the day would come.

9:00am UPDATE: Turnout is already looking great if you see from the photos below. Team Losi is here and HPI is on their way. Shaping up to be an epic event.

8:00am UPDATE: Weather is a bit chilly and windy now but it’s looking like it will be a nice day for the event. People are already showing up and bringing their toys. I saw bajaaddicts and Craftwerks-RC already dumping in the toys. Come on out!




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