Losi 5IVE-T Product Bulletin

Losi 5IVE-T Product Bulletin

Well some times it’s inevitable that a product as complicated, large an extensive as the new Losi 5IVE-T 4WD BND kit that at some point there will need to be a factory fix or replacement issue taken care of. The HPI Baja saw a fair share of parts that were either replaced by warranty or later improved in a different version. This Losi slip up appears to be a simple one, just some short screws that may need to be replaced with longer ones. See more details below.


News Bulletin:

It has come to our attention that a small quantity of the 5IVE-T trucks were assembled with a shorter than correct length screw to attach the front gear box/skid plate. Before operating your 5IVE-T please remove and check the two front most 6mm flathead screws from the bottom of the chassis and confirm they are ¾”/20mm long. If they are not please call Losi Service @ (909) 390-9595 Ext. 300 and you will be sent the longer screws. Under no circumstances should you operate the 5IVE-T with the shorter screws. We apologize for this error and thank you for your help correcting it.

7 thoughts on “Losi 5IVE-T Product Bulletin”

  1. The HPI Baja 5T is a better truck, in terms of support, suspension(longer suspension), fun to operate, simplicity and ease of use(refueling,quick adjustments etc.). Another interesting note is that for all of the hype of the Losi truck and it being 4 wheel drive, the rear wheel drive Hpi 5T runs well if not better on certain parts of the track. I love LOSI, but HPI has the original blueprint on this one.

  2. The other prob we have come accross in australia is the rear shockers fall apart.
    The screw holding the shocker piston cup in place comes lose and the shockers come apart losing all oil and allows the shocker shaft to smash away at the seals.
    Three out of four brand new trucks have done it within a few hours of use from the box.
    Has anyone else had the SHOCKER Problems.

    Another is the air box clip seems to come out during use the one to the front of the car.Have replaced both with stronger clips.

    The larger screws in front plate have been done.

  3. I owned a HPI Baja 5T and the first run with it after motor was run in the shocks broke as well. I think all large scale cars have there teething problems and to say that the Baja is superior to the losi is a BIG call!!!

  4. Fixed the shocker problem, ordered stiffer springs for the rear.
    These cars handle very well for there size,Bit slugish on take off but good quality pipe from OLIMAT in adelaide South Australia will fix that.
    Seems stronger and less pron to brackage than the baja.

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