MSR Swivel Tilt Stand – LSN Mini Review

MSR Swivel Til Stand for Large Scale R/C

Part Number: MSR-2001

Manufacture: Maximum Service Racing

Product Link: HERE

A few weeks back TGN Distributing received their first batch of the Large Scale MSR Swivel Tilt Stand. We quickly opened one up and designated it as our own for use around our shop and store. We had been looking for a more simplified stand for a while now, something that was easy to ship and that would fit inside of the boxes we use to transport our 1/5 scale R/C’s. This stand fit our requirements, it is small, light weight, inexpensive and works perfectly for light duty repairs and maintenance and also does double duty as a display stand for the many trade shows and events we travel too.

The “Pro’s” are mentioned above and obvious. The “Con’s” if any are that the base is fairly small for the big heavy trucks and the height is also limited. BUT those two things can be easily fixed by adding an additional wood base to the lower base plate that would increase its footprint and its height.

Even with its light weight and smaller base plate, this thing works and works well. I can take and throw a HPI  baja or Losi 5IVE-T on top of it and spin it around, rock it back and forth and the stand or the truck is not going anywhere.  I am also able to work on or display my 1/10 scale cars and trucks on this stand, which is why I like it so much. It’s a stable and worthy working platform thats for sure.


Please watch our review where we show you the details of this stand and also show you a simple modification to the top plate, we add rubber matting for a better grip.


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