Losi 5IVE-T Hop-Up Parts Roundup

Losi 5IVE-T HP Parts Roundup

So now that the Losi 5IVE-T is out and shipping, some of the aftermarket leaders in the large scale industry are already making waves. There is no question this new platform is going to be a game changer and seeing these parts hitting forums and social media outlets is just the beginning. This is an example of the new pasion and drive it will bring back to the industry.

The 4WD platform, scale looks and high end features are just what drivers have been begging for.  The aftermarket support with parts to increase strength, lighten and increase power to the 5IVE-T is what will make things exciting and different. The next step is the hard one, getting more tracks and racing events to offer a 1/5 Scale class. We can have all the large scale cars and trucks and all the billet and tuned pipes but if we dont have enough organized events and races around the globe then its possible the large scale trend could come to a fizzle over the next year or two. I doubt it will and I will do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen BUT it is something we all need to consider and keep in mind. Support your local events, either by sponsoring or attending whenever possible.

Back to the parts…. lets talk parts. We are seeing everything from bearings, billet, lights, molded plastics, tuned pipes and special build motors. The manufactures we have seen posting in the forums are Bartolone, BZM-Micro, Craftwerks-RC, DarkSoul, Hostile, Oneill Brothers, TeamChase, TeamFastEddy, TGN, Turtle Racing and rumors of several more coming soon.

Make sure to watch the special Losi 5IVE-T forum at RCLargeScale  HERE for all the up to date news and posts on prototype parts etc.

Bartolone Racing – Known for their tuned pipes and engine tuning. Check out the Tuned Exhaust Pipe he has coming for your Losi 5iVE-T HERE. Available at TGN HERE.


BZM-Micro – Well we know the 4WD drivetrain is going to rob some power for these engines so why not just stick the biggest baddest engine in their you can find? Check out what BZM has been up to HERE. We are told a new pipe is in the works too!

Craftwerks-RC – Known for their wicked billet accessories and lighting. Check out some of the cool stuff they are working on HERE including. billet light pods and axles. Available at TGN HERE.


DarkSoul Racing – These guys have some of the strongest and hottest parts on the market. Whatch out for DS, I know he has some stuff in the works including this billetclutch carrier and more. Check out his post on his parts HERE. Available at TGN HERE.


Hostile Racing – No longer just a tire company. Lets see what they have coming for the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD. Check out their thread on parts HERE showing a clutch cover, hubs and chassis braces. Available at TGN HERE.

Oneill Brothers – The motor gods… these guys have a couple 4WD specific motors they are building based from their experience with the heavier trucks needing more low end grunt. Watch out HERE for more on that.

TeamChase – These guys are going at this 5IVE-T HARD! Their list includes billet parts, molded plastic pieces and Titanium upgrades. Check out their extensive list HERE and get them at TGN HERE.

TeamFastEddy – These guys have everything from bearings, shims and beyond. For the losi they started with Losi 5iVE-T bearing kits and it sounds like they  have a proper work stand for it too. Check out their parts HERE or order from TGN HERE.

TGN – You can expect a few goodies to become available for the Losi 5IVE-T. Including the popular DT1 filters for either your stock filter or a real nice compact aftermarket filter set-up that all fits inside your cage. Watch the TGN section HERE or purchase TGN products for your Losi HERE.


Turtle Racing – The guys behind some of the most popular upgrades for the HPI Baja line are hard at it bringing some billet of their own to the mix for the 5IVE-T. Check out their billet clutch carrier and chassis braces HERE or purchase them HERE at TGN.

Thats about it for now. Have you seen more? Comment below or send us an email with info.

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