The Losi 5IVE-T is shipping TODAY!

Losi 5IVE-T Officially Shipping Today

You heard right! The Losi 5IVE-T is officialy shipping today from their parent company Horizon Hobby. It feels like its been a year since it’s first appearance at the Hostile Bajafest only months ago but it’s here and ready now.

TGN is taking their Black Friday and spending it driving down to the Horizon warehouse to pick up a load of these trucks just to make sure we have them for us to start shipping on Monday. We will also have a HUGE amount of stock replacement parts and aftermarket parts from Losi and other companies in the coming days. Some parts are already in stock from Losi.

Check out all the kits and option parts available HERE  and TGN Distributing and get yours pre-ordered NOW! We can not guarantee when you will get your truck until after Monday when we review pre-orders so please dont email or call with request for delivery date till Tuesday.

TGN will make sure to keep a couple trucks for stock to have at the TeamChase Toys for Toys event next week (info HERE). So bring your cash and be ready to experience a whole new way of driving an RC.


For now you can sit back and enjoy our images of the Losi from the Hostile Bajafest HERE.



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