Product X at Traxxas…What is it? A 1/5 Scale?

Traxxas Product X is it a 1/5 Scale RC?

Here at LSN we are always watching out for industry rumors. We have reported on many rumors and industry news bits that could effect our niche hobby. In the years past there has been rumors of Associated, Traxxas and of course Losi working on large scale R/C cars or truck. We know now the Losi rumor was true with the release of the 5IVE-T. But what about the others? Are they too building large scale cars to be released soon?

For now its all rumors and speculation but for now lets watch this Traxxas update on 11-30-11 and see if our hopes and dreams come true. It would be fun to have another player in Large Scale and if I know Traxxas they would be a great contendor and probably bring one of the best values to 1/5 that we have seen so far.


Oh well…its a silly little 100mph car. Video is well done, car looks cool but its not what the masses wanted I dont think. It is refreshing to see how many people all over the web have asked, hoped and dreamed it would be a 1/5 scale. I think we are getting to them now folks…maybe they will listen…???


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