New look for your HPI Baja 5b – Grafil & RCBodyShop Bodies

hopi baja 5b bodie grafil hot rod 1932 1933

Two new bodie by Grafil Bodies & RCBodyShop

for your HPI Baja 5b

I have never been a huge fan of alternative bodies for the HPI Baja but I have to say I really like these two. The racing body from Grafil has got smooth clean lines and is not over powering. Keeps a lot of the dirt and debris out of the cars interior. Looking forward to seeing more of these on the track. The Hot Rod body from RCBodyShop is a 1932/1933 Ford Coupe Style Body….well what can I say, it speaks for itself. Way cool!Press Release below.


Part Number: Baja 5B-G

Product Link: HERE



Press Release:

These bodies are made of flexible 1.5mm lexan.  Give your Baja the style upgrade it’s been waiting for!

Each body comes with two (2) noses – so you have 1 extra in case one gets damaged or lost.


  • Sold Clear with protective film (all photos show painted bodies)
  • Requires trimming.
  • Handmade in Italy


Part Number: rod5

Product Link: HERE


These are limited edition Hot Rod bodies.  There are only 100 that will be made.  We were lucky enough to snag 3 of the 2mm and 7 of the 3mm thickness.

Don’t wait to grab one of these limited edition 1933 HOT ROD bodies for your 5b.  Once they are gone; they’re gone.

You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with serial number of your body and number.


Year: 1933

Type: On Road

Wheelbase:  570mm

Width: 310mm

Length: 860mm

Thickness: Your choice of 2mm or 3mm

Material:  Polycarbonate

Surface:  Sold clear






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