BZM Micro Engines & Parts now in stock

BZM-Micro 28.5cc Engine and Parts now in stock at TGN!


TGN is currently stocked with the popular 28.5cc Engine as well as a full line of parts. Currently the 28.5cc engine is the only size we are stocking but we expect the 23cc and 26cc to come in soon for those not quiete ready for the full 8hp model.

Check out the motor and all the parts at TGN HERE.


We recently installed this engine into a special Dunetoberfest build wich you can see below or in the album HERE. At first we ran the TGN track pipe which worked real well for us and had gobs of power. Later that weekend Chris Bartalone brought us a tuned pipe he had made specifically for this engine. Remember, this engine can use any standard tuned pipe for the baja but the actual exhaust port IS larger than stock AND the engine seems to really like big pipes. So in order to take full advantage of this engine we had Bartalone build us a BZM specific pipe wich brought us even more power and even smoother power bands.

We also took this car to the 2011 HPI West Coast Baja Nationals where we ran it around the track for a bit. Unfortunately we had bad traction for a muddy track and way too much power for our amateur racer. But you could still see and hear the power this engine was putting out throwing the mud everywhere.

We have found no faults of this motor so far, we love it. It starts with ease, it idles smooth and pulls hard with LOTS of RPM’s. It really was an enjoyable car to drive in the dunes, where there is never too much power. We hope to gather our footage soon from that weekend and bring those to you on youtube.







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