LIVE coverage of the 2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals

2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals

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Updates from LSN will start Saturday 12th when we arrive with our shop mechanic Kenny. TGN will be setting up a booth and covering the event for LSN and Kenny will be racing for TGN in the 5b and 5t class.

Sunday Wrap-Up

Well this event was a huge success in my mind. The turnout was great, the location and weather was perfect. We saw a great turnout of manufactures, some just hanging out, some displaying parts or cars and others out on the race track. Our in house tech Kenny raced for his first time and really enjoyed himself. Next year we will have to get their earlier to allow him some practice time on the track and time to tune and tweak his car and truck. I can not say enough good things about John Schultz and the HPI team. Thank you all for what you do for our hobby. A BIG thanks goes out to Larry of Giant RC for the great track and Christian from Baja Modifiers for making that long trip out to support the racers with hobby shop on wheels.  Expect more images and videos to be uploaded later this week.

Saturday Wrap-Up
Saturday morning the track was pretty muddied up from the nights rain but with the efforts of TeamFastEddy and his RZR and John Schultz’s golf kart the track was looking good by 10am. The R/C Gods kept us free of rain for the most part the rest of the day. the turnout was strong with racers from as far as Holland and Italy and a healthy turnout of manufactures being represented. All and all it was great day of racing and socializing and getting to know more of our friends. We will be uploading more images today as well as a video or two to YouTube. We hope you enjoy.

Oh and make sure to watch the live video feed from RCLS linked above. They have several cameras from different angles of the track, interviews and contests. The Qaulity of their live coverage is second to none AND you can even watch it from your iPhone!

Newest updates will be at the top (for videos go HERE)

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