LSN dyes the TeamChase HPI Roll Cage

Dyeable TeamChase HPI Baja Roll Cage


TeamChase Dyeable Cage for the HPI Baja 5t & 5sc

LSN got together with TeamChase and we documented the process we used to dye their new dyeable roll cage. We brought along some dyeable RPM a-arms while we were at it. The process is very simple and the when done correctly the results are simply amazing. What a great way to personalize the look of your custom builds.


We choose a Scarlet Red for these parts and used 3 bottles of it mixed with hot water in an old ice chest. Watch the video and follow along this easy process and please post comments or questions below.

First person to email us at a picture of their dyed roll cage installed on a HPI baja 5t or 5sc wins a LSN t-shirt.



TeamChase Dyeable roll cage and RPM a-arms

Scarlet Red TeamChase roll cage and RPM a-arms

8 thoughts on “LSN dyes the TeamChase HPI Roll Cage”

  1. Beautiful job!!
    Im amazed at how the cage plastic and the RPM plastic took the color. Different plastics color differently. Looks like you got it right.

    I thought the cooler would have been darker red.

  2. What brand, size and type of cooler? How much water did you use to submerge the cage? Did you keep the water heated? I followed this tutorial video but my results were no where near close? Did you clean the cage with anything prior to the process?

    1. Not sure the brand or size of cooler, brand does not matter it just needs to fit the cage. Water amount does not matter either, but just enough to fill to the top of the cage will allow for a stronger mix of the solution of color. We wiped the cage with soap and water but I dont thing that matters much. The darker the color the hotter you will want the water and the longer you want to leave it in. If you have a way to make your water all heated instead of sink hot water that woud be best. You can re-die your cage darker even after you have done it once. It’s just going to take some hot water and for a longer time. Hope this helps.

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