LSN Castle Creations Brushless Conversion from TGN

Well Part 3 is done…sorry it took so long. The 2011 RCX show took up a good portion of our time and we are now back to running our Castle Creations Brushless Converted HPI baja 5b.  And oh how fun it is!

This video is mostly made up of images of the products we used, both on the scale with weight information and with them installed. We wanted this to be an informative video in case you are planning to do a similar build or you were interested in the weight differences of each of these products we have used.

Bottom line with weight is that to our surprise, the converted electric baja does not weigh significantly different than a gas powered baja. I am sure with all the right components and smaller battery packs you could try to make the point that it’s lighter but really it’s not significant in our minds.

At the end of the video, you will see some short video clips of us testing the baja-none of which are at full speeds-because we just don’t have enough room around here and it’s not safe to have a missile like this running around people! We plan on doing more testing with different battery packs and showing the results of each. We also want to do more test runs so we can see how fast this car really is. But trust me when I tell you, it’s the fastest baja I have ever owned…that’s for sure. Lots of potential with these brushless motors and we are excited to put more time into it and see how it performs in different conditions.



TGN Castle Creations Brushless HPI Baja

TGN Castle Creations Brushless HPI Baja 5b

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