Castle Creations Baja 5b Brushless Conversion, Part 2

Castle Creations Baja Brushless Video Part 2


Now watch Par 3 HERE!

Part 2 of our series is LIVE!


LSN takes a closer look at some of the parts we plan on using in our Castle Creations Brushless Conversion being done on our HPI Baja 5b. Including parts from Max-Amps, DarkSoul, RPM, TeamFastEdddy, TGN Distributing, GRP Tires, and BajaSkunkWorks.


Watch for part 3 where we show you more items used on our project baja, we finish up the build and take it for a spin. Cant wait to put this thing in reverse.


3 thoughts on “Castle Creations Baja 5b Brushless Conversion, Part 2”

  1. Do you plan to use reverse? If so, the front brakes may present some issues….when you try to go in reverse, it will engage the brakes….I ditched my front brakes because of this conflict. Perhaps there is a solution I dont know about.

    You can alway disengage reverse using the castle link software and tell the ESC you dont want reverse…only esc braking.

    But I have to tell you, reverse is nice on a baja!

  2. I am looking forward to building an E-Baja. Normally I don’t mess around with electric RC but these are just too cool to not have!!!

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