LSN unboxes the HPI Baja 5sc-ss. Lets see whats inside.

HPI Baja 5sc-SS kit

Just ahead of the release, LSN was lucky enough to get our hands on the all new HPI Baja 5sc-SS kit. So naturally we wanted to show it to you. Watch our unboxing video of the 1/5 scale Super Sport below.

Once the HPI Baja 5sc was released it was the talk of the town and many people were excited to get their hands on one. But lots of builders preferred, hoped, and dreamed that HPI would release a HPI Baja 5sc-SS KIT model. Well it has happened and much faster between release dates compared to the last Baja 5b SS kit vs. when the RTR Baja 5b was released. Glad to see our wait times from HPI are shrinking.

The HPI Baja line of 1/5 radio control cars and trucks are built very well and can handle a decent pounding. But with THOUSANDS of items built by aftermarket companies now, it’s often preferred to build your own starting from kit form. It allows the user to get more involved with the car or truck and understand the workings of it. It also allows the user to take those stock parts and maybe sell or trade them off for cash or other needed parts. If your looking for a custom paint job-that also can get expensive if you had to buy a new clear body-getting one already clear and ready for your painter saves time and money. Many will also prefer to use an aftermarket motor, radios, and gear boxes. These things alone could take hours just to remove and replace, so the kit option by far is your best bet. Watch the video, get out those tools, and send us images of your custom built HPI Baja 5sc-ss.

Boxed up HPI Baja 5sc SS Kit Model

Inside the box of a HPI Baja 5sc ss KIT

So are you getting one? Post your comments below.

We would also like to host a contest. There is a mistake on the color printed box of the HPI Baja 5sc SS. The first person to email me an image of the mistake gets a free TGN shirt of their size. Email photo to

8 thoughts on “LSN unboxes the HPI Baja 5sc-ss. Lets see whats inside.”

  1. If I had known for sure back in Jan. they were going to release the SS I might have, I am a big fan of the kit. I like to build whenever I can plus the amount you save when you buy a kit is also nice, but there isn’t much of a savings to be had with this kit and I already bought my SC. I wont be buying this kit unless it goes down in price, I don’t see that happening so no kit for me.

  2. @Brian, you are quite right. RC enthusiasts have been abuzz about how HPI has been upping their kit prices these days. The last Baja SS kit also received a lukewarm reception when price was concerned.

    1. Hello Niel

      Email sent.

      The SS kit is not hard but its detailed and a long project if you have never done it. With some experience you can do it in 12 hours or so. But your first one I would plan on 15-20 hours. You can watch a video for every step of an SS (5b type) at

  3. hello.
    i have 1 baja 5sc ss and 2 baja 5b ss.
    i like assemblle baja kit version.
    but i dont know this is discontinuded!!

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