HPI Baja Slipper for your 5b, 5t, SS or 5SCThis one came as a surprise to us. HPI announced on their Europe site they will be selling a Slipper Clutch set for their 1/5 scale baja lineup.

HPI has spent a decent amount of effort on HP parts and some are obvious steps to improve on current issues and are often just a replacement for of a stock part. This slipper clutch for your baja 5b, 5t, ss, 5sc seems to be the first item from HPI that took a good amount of R&D and leans toward the racing scene. Which to me is interesting because I have always had big dreams for the 1/5 racing and this part along with many others coming these days prove large-scale racing is here and HPI and others are listening.

I would like to see your comments below about this item and how it may work for you. Will you try this slipper for racing or will you find a use for it in everyday bashing?


UPDATE: New link is here: http://www.hpiracing.com/press/85474.html

Slipper Clutch for your HPI baja

UPDATE: Link is no longer working, looks like HPI pulled it from the site. Interesting…..

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