TGN heads east to Hostile Bajafest 2010

After TGN was not able to attend the first year we got a lot of pressure from Hostile to attend his yearly Bajafest in NY in 2010. Not that we needed pressure to go to the event but it helped us seal the deal and get our trip planned out.

TGN, TeamFastEddy, TeamChase and SkoPod all met in NY where we rented an RV and stayed on the Hostile property.

I could talk for hours about what an amazing even and location this is. Hostiles willingness to allow hundreds of people on his incredible piece of property is just the start of what this company brings to the table. Then you have a well organized and very thought out event put on by a bunch of great people. I cant recommend enough to do everything in your power to attend this event. Beg barrow or steal if you have to. If you like R/C and you like Large Scale then grab your car and  your tools and do this event. I promise you will not regret it.

hpi baja at Hostile Bajafest 2010

This was the largest turnout of baja’s ever up to this date. Imagine all this in someones backyard.

See hundreds of more images HERE.

After the event and just before we had to return our RV, we headed over to see the Niagara Falls. This was a sight to see, our planet is one amazing place.

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