Robot Kitchen Teams Up with TGN and Barndog Racing

Robot Kitchen Scale Animatronic Interior HPI 5SC 5T 1/5 Large Scale

Robot Kitchen Teams Up with TGN and Barndog Racing


Interested in seeing some of the coolest video to come out of the large scale scene? Well large scale fanatics, meet RobotKitchen. It did not take long for us after we first started browsing the youtube channel of RobotKitchen before we absolutly fell in love with their concept. The geniuses at Robot Kitchen have taken basic concept of making a large scale radion control truck with a driver and steering wheel and taken it to a whole new level.

They have taken a TeamChase roll cage on their HPI Baja 5t and built a complete scale inteiror with a driver, co-pilot, steering wheel, shifter, dash gauges, a floor board and so much more. What’s so special about that you ask? While that is pretty cool on its own, they took it to the next level. Hollywood Movie Magic level! These drivers have moving heads left to right as the truck weaves in and out of the action in front of it. But it’s not just the heads that move, the driver has their arms attached to the steering wheel which also moves in the same direction as the 1/5 scale HPI Baja 5T.

To top it all off they have made the driver a girl, that’s right a girl! Her name is Daisy and you can image the style of driving this 5T gets itself into. Even better RobotKitchen has cameras mounted all over this rig for different views of all the exciting action. On the second video below they even dubbed in the sound effect from a full scale racer. Check out the videos below or just pop on over to his youtube channel and watch his entire collection.

How could that make this any better you ask? Well the gang at RobotKitchen has teamed up with both TGN and Barndog Racing to build a new project truck. This collaborative project between these companies will bring the audience a new truck with new details as well as a whole new series of videos and in depth details you have never seen.

Keep you eyes on LSN for the newest releases and detailed posts to come soon. We hope you enjoy this project