Team FastEddy Losi 5IVE-T Steering Servo Saver Nuts

Team Fast Eddy Servo Saver Jam Nuts for the Losi 5IVE-T


TFE steers you in the right direction with these two new great products for your Losi 5IVE-T. Many  of you will know what he is talking about when he says the steering servo saver nut is hard to adjust. Check out the details below and never worry about about this area of your truck.



Product Part Number: 1320-TFE

Product Link: HERE


Quick Adjust Servo saver and jam Nuts. (Losi 5ive)

Its darn near imposable to adjust the Losi 5ive servo saver while its
in your rig. Its hidden deep down and the spring tension is heavy.
Along with this on almost every rig, it will loosen up as you drive.
Team FastEddy has addressed these issues with our Quick Adjust Servo
Saver Nut and Jam Nut. Once installed simply use a screwdriver to hold
the nut and turn your wheels to tighten it down. Once its tightened up
use the included jam nut to hold it in place.




Product Part Number: 1321-TFE

Product Link: HERE

Servo Saver Jam Nut. Losi 5ive

The stock servo saver on the Losi 5ive can and will loosen up.
Use the TeamFastEddy servo saver jam nut to easily secure servo saver from creeping down and loosening.
Its a simple, inexpensive, and effective.

HPI Goes Flux Power With The New Baja 5B Flux

HPI Goes Brushless Power With The New Baja 5B Flux


Looks like its official. HPI announces their new brushless powered 1/5 scale, the Baja 5b Flux. We have talked about it before and have ran one of our own converted bajas in the past with video HERE and a build series HERE. If you have watched LSN grow and follow our videos and posts, you will know we like electric large scales. There is nothing better than having unlimited amounts of torque at your finger tips in these huge cars and trucks. In a 2 wheel drive the power is mostly taken advantage of in high traction locations, like grass or even better the sand dunes.  For more info on our builds check the links below or follow along our posts in the Electric Large Scale section.

Here is the official Press Release from HPI:


he Baja 5B Flux takes the stage as another large-scale release for HPI in 2012! This super-powerful, super-quick buggy can hit speeds up to 60mph with 8S power and a 780Kv motor! Powering this 1/5 Scale electric Baja is a Castle Creations Mamba XL2 ESC and 2028-780Kv electric motor that is 8s LiPo (33.6volts) compatible. With this power system and an 8s LiPo battery, there is nearly 10hp available right at your fingertips. Completing the package is also a Baja 5B Flux specific body that features smooth flowing body lines on both sides of the shell since there is no need for a fuel cap entry slot on the left side of the shell.


VVC/HD Shock Absorbers
These are the same damper units that equip the Baja SS and Baja 5T, and are now standard parts for the 5B FLUX – these are oil-filled, externally adjustable coilover shocks for fantastic performance and heavy-duty action! Thick shock shafts provide security from crashes, threaded shock bodies allow instant ride height changes, and the externally adjustable design is tailor-made for trackside tuning.

Gunmetal Anodizing
The Baja 5B FLUX includes a total reworking of all the aluminum parts of the Baja buggy, from the chassis to the spring adjust collars! The very cool gunmetal look gives the Baja 5B FLUX the ‘race’ look, and it’s easy to add a bit of bling with Baja SS or original 5B color parts.

2.4GHz TF-20 Radio Set
The Baja 5B FLUX is equipped with a high quality HPI 2.4GHz radio system. 2.4GHz technology provides you with the best possible vehicle operation and control, without the need of crystals, just turn on your radio and drive. Racing in large groups is possible without running into any frequency conflicts.

Castle Creations Running Gear
Big cars require big power and fueling the 5B FLUX’s healthy appetite for power is Castle Creations Mamba XL2 ESC and NEU-Castle 2028-780Kv Motor. The XL2 is widely known for its large-scale applications, ability to handle 8s(33.6volts) LiPo configurations, 5amp BEC for large scale servos, and fully programmable. Paired with the 2028-780Kv motor and 8s LiPo there’s nearly 10hp ready and waiting at your throttle trigger.

Large Battery Box
The 5B FLUX features a tool less easy entry large sized battery box capable of holding two hard case 4s LiPo packs or one 8s LiPo pack with an easy to reach opening for connecting the battery(s) and ESC together.

The hi-torque SFL-11MG servo features extra tough all metal gears for durability, an aluminum steering arm and a water resistant case.

Adjustable Motor Mount
Adjustable motor mount for easy final drive ratio adjustments by changing the pinion sizes.

5SC Drivetrain
In order to meet the demands of the massively powerful Castle Creations running gear, the 5SC drivetrain was fitted onto the 5B FLUX to increase reliability.