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The Drivers Stand R/C Podcast Covering all Scales Including 1/5

The Driver Stand Podcast – Your source for portable R/C news

Do any of you listen to podcast? Either on your iTunes or other devices? I do and I love it. With my TV watching I dont like commercials and with my radio it’s no different. I want either music or talk and thats it. So with podcasts I get just what I want, good content and minimal commercials. And what’s better than getting your R/C fix while driving to work or on that long road trip to the next race? Nothing right? If your answer is yes, then we have a choice podcast to consider.

The first episode of The Driver Stand caught my attention because it covered Large Scale, yes that’s right. The episode included Brad from 5th Scale Canada and they had a good coversation about 1/5 scale R/C and covered a new product from Killer-RC.

You can currently download 2 episodes on their SITE and we were told that episode 3 may once again include Large Scale R/C. So keep an eye out on the site and consider subscribing in iTunes by clicking HERE.


Enjoy and we hope to listen to more of these quality productions in the near future. We wish the team at The Driver Stand all the luck.

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