TGN Warehouse Direct Deals on

TGN Warehouse Direct Deals on RCLS

One of the many cool features of the new website is its Classifieds section. It’s not a popular feature yet but we expect it to be over time. TGN wants to start it off by offering some one of kind deals on items that are anything from display items, returns, opened box, discontinued etc. Take a look at our current offerings HERE.

Or if you have some items yourself then consider spending a little time and get some items listed. There are several option on how you can get items listed and we encourage you to try it out.

How about this, first person to list two new items in the classifieds and post a link in our comments section gets a LSN t-shirt of your preferred size. Go get some parts listed!

OBR Twin 50.8cc engines are now shipping to lucky baja owners.

Oneill Brothers Racing OBR Twin 50.8cc engine for your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc or SS

We all got the first glance of the OBR Twin back at Dunetoberfest 2010. The Oneill Brothers Racing Twin 50.8cc engine kit for your HPI Baja was amazing to watch (and listen too) in action. Since then the kit has been the talk of the town and has caused a good amount of interest in possible production units. Well they are finally ready and available HERE.


A lof R&D and manufacture collaboration has gone into this kit and it’s important to point this out that while this motor may not be for everyone, it’s this type of inovation and dedication to large scale that keeps it in the forefront of the R/C industry. It’s why our niche part of this hobby is so exciting and interesting to keep track of. So THANK YOU OBR!


Oneill Brothers Twin Baja Engine 50.8cc

DarkSoul takes us inside of a Road Race 5b SS Build.

DS Onroad road race HPI Baja 5sc ss build

Our friends at DarkSoul Racing have started a new large scale HPI build. They are taking a brand new HPI Racing Baja 5b SS and turning into a Road Racing Machine. Dark Soul is documenting the entire process part by part and sharing it with the world. You can go to and see the images and details about why they are choosing one part over another and also get some good tuning tips for on-road use.

We don’t see an excess of information for on-road HPI baja, 5b, 5t or 5sc so this is why we decided to point this one out to you. You also don’t see many people going as in depth as they are with all the details. So for that we thank you DarkSoul.

DS Onroad road racer build for HPI Baja 5b SS

Craftwerks-RC offers up some new HPI baja goodies.

Craftwerks-RC Extended body pins for HPI baja 5t and 5sc


Craftwerks-RC is at it again. They have announced a couple new items for you baja fanatics.


First up is the new and highly requested extended side rail body pins for the HPI baja 5t and 5sc. These pins are made longer so the user has options to widen the body position and also allows for users to have that small amount of pin extending into the inside of the chassis to support aftermarket pipes like the LunaTik Rabid pipe or the KRD 60 pipe.  These and the original standard lengths units are now sold in sets of 2 for various types of set-ups.

See more images and details HERE.

Craftwersk-RC HPI baja 5t and 5sc extended side body rail pins


Next up is the Craftwerks-RC V2 replacement screws for the V2 titanium layshaft for the HPI Baja.  If your not running the Craftwerks-RC titanium layshaft you should be and if you are then you should pick up a couple spare screws. Get more details HERE.Craftwerks-RC V2 replacement screws for the V2 titanium layshaft for the HPI Baja.

TGN also has the V1 layshaft screws back in stock, get those HERE. Special thanks to Craftwerks-RC for supporting its customers with their older products. Way to go!


If you have questions or want to share you thoughts on these products you can do that HERE.

Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start to the rescue!

Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start TUR0026 for Baja and other large scale

Turtle Racing has come to the rescue on all the issues we struggle with daily on our stubborn pull starts. Whether you have an r/c boat, FG, MCD, HPI Baja or Redcat it does not matter, we all have had to replace these expensive pull starts many times over. Well read below what Turtle Racing has done to help dramaticly reduce your troubles.

Available NOW as a pre-order from TGN. Check them out HERE!


This is the Turtle Racing Pull start for all 1/5 scale applications, MCD, Redcat, FG & Baja.

Turtle Racing has designed & manufactured this Pull Start to greatly reduce the problems starting your Zen/CY motors. We started with a very heavy duty rope, then we added a double sealed bearing to the Spool. The bearing helped tremendously, no more plastic on plastic friction. We then modified the aluminum spawl, polished it and Teflon Plated it. We designed the housing for proper venting while not allowing debris to enter.

For all 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Scale, Zen/CY 23cc-30.5cc applications.


All of the internals are wear items so we will have Rebuild kits available.
Our standard warranty on these will only apply to the housing. We can’t
warranty wear items.

Colors May Vary when available.

Turtle Racing Billet Bearing Pull Start for your HPI baja 5b 5sc 5t ss

“Big” R/C makes the CBS News website.

RC Truck Pulls Real Car

This is pretty cool. Its a large scale semi truck pulling its owner and a full size car behind it. Many websites have grabbed onto this video and put up short articles about it. Interesting enough to even make it on the CBS News website found HERE.

If anyone knows more about this kit or the person who took the video please email us or post in the comments below.


LSN Castle Creations Brushless Conversion from TGN

Well Part 3 is done…sorry it took so long. The 2011 RCX show took up a good portion of our time and we are now back to running our Castle Creations Brushless Converted HPI baja 5b.  And oh how fun it is!

This video is mostly made up of images of the products we used, both on the scale with weight information and with them installed. We wanted this to be an informative video in case you are planning to do a similar build or you were interested in the weight differences of each of these products we have used.

Bottom line with weight is that to our surprise, the converted electric baja does not weigh significantly different than a gas powered baja. I am sure with all the right components and smaller battery packs you could try to make the point that it’s lighter but really it’s not significant in our minds.

At the end of the video, you will see some short video clips of us testing the baja-none of which are at full speeds-because we just don’t have enough room around here and it’s not safe to have a missile like this running around people! We plan on doing more testing with different battery packs and showing the results of each. We also want to do more test runs so we can see how fast this car really is. But trust me when I tell you, it’s the fastest baja I have ever owned…that’s for sure. Lots of potential with these brushless motors and we are excited to put more time into it and see how it performs in different conditions.



TGN Castle Creations Brushless HPI Baja

TGN Castle Creations Brushless HPI Baja 5b

Part 1 HERE

Part2 HERE

Great TFE Brushless Videos HERE

2011 Silver Lake Baja Bash – Are you going?

Silver Lake Baja Bash 2011


** UPDATED – Results Below **


Get your paddles out and your Outerwears cleaned up. Time to hit the dunes before they heat up. Below is the info on one of the countries largest baja get together you will ever be a part of.  Are you going? Post in the comments if you are.


It’s that time of year again for one of the largest Baja related events to take place on this planet, Silver Lake Baja Bash 2011. Each year a record number of Baja enthusiast get together in Mears, MI at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park, this year it will be taking place the weekend of June 10-12, 2011, with the main event & BBQ on Saturday the 11th.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or attending the event please contact Andrew at Scorpion at or go HERE and get more info.


Some images of last years event:

Silver Lake Baja Bash 2010 group shot

Silver Lake 2011 Baja Bash


** UPDATED June 20th 2011 **

I can’t thank each of you enough for your support this year, without each of you and your companies you represent we simply would not have had this event because this year we had to follow some different rules.  We had to abide by the MDNRE’s rules because of the amount of people that attend each year, this entailed purchasing a Permit from the MDNRE, Event Insurance, Construction Cones to section off our area, and Signage to name a few items.  All in all, these really made the event safer and legally sound for all involved from the sponsors to the attendees to the bi-standers that stop by to see what we’re up to and this was thanks to you Sponsors.
I’ve posted the info below on our Facebook page and we’ve also posted our pictures in our Facebook Photo’s as well as on!/notes/scorpion-unlimited/our-silver-lake-baja-bash-2011-recap/219356321418451


What: Silver Lake Baja Bash 2011

When: June 10-12, 2011

Where: Mear’s MI, Silver Lake Sand Dunes State ORV Park

RC Model: 1/5 Scale HPI Baja’s

Not to many, ok, no other RC Car could bring a group of people out to a full size ORV park and get them to put their 1:1’s, quad’s and dirt bikes at a standstill for the day, but the HPI 1/5 Scale Baja seems to be the one that does it year after year at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State ORV Park in Mears, MI.  People started rolling in from all over the Midwest, East Coast and even the West Coast on Thursday & Friday, some crashed in hotels, rented cabins, some came with their back seats loaded with Baja gear and just enough camping gear to get by.  Most setup camp at Silver Lake Resort & Campground and some went straight to the dunes to burn some fuel.  We were out there during the high winds, cool temps and scattered rain showers; Mother Nature couldn’t stop this group from having an awesome time!  I don’t think we could begin to count how many gallons of fuel & 2-stroke was consumed this year.  After the first day was done back at camp people were able to get their Baja’s back in order from their mishaps thanks to Baja Modifiers for bringing their Parts Trailer from Pennsylvania.


Saturday morning we woke up to sprinkling rain, it cleared up enough by the time the dunes opened at 9am.  As we watched the fog lift off the dunes everybody started pitching canopy’s, setting up tables and dropping their tailgates to create our Pit Lane, a few lucky people showed off their Ramtech RC Stands that were given away on prior to the event.  It didn’t take long for people to get the itch and start firing up their Baja’s, nothing like hearing a DDM DOM Pipe firing up at 9am!!  Like always people were going for big air off the top of the dunes, make-shift hill climb races and oval racing around the face of the dunes were common to see throughout the day.  This event brings out some of the best Baja’s people have that they save just for the dunes, we’re talking awesome motors built by our sponsors like Team Twisted and O’Neil Brothers (OBR), it was common to see their 30.5cc engines and the talk of the event the OBR Twin putting on wheelie show’s you’d expect at a motocross event, several were there but OBR sent out Shreadhead to show his off to everyone, of course protecting all these Baja’s were one of the most necessary upgrades Outerwear’s Pre-Filters.  Attendants enjoyed an awesome feast of bratwurst, hamburgers and bison burgers from Broncobill at lunch time; everyone brought a dish to pass.  After lunch we put in a few more gallons then started the raffle to give away all the amazing prizes that were donated from our sponsors, there was more than enough for everyone and we even gave some parts/gift certificates away to a few people who were there with 1/8 scale and 1/10 scale that planned to purchase a Baja….we handed a controller to a few of them to push them over the edge J.


Because of the awesome parts from our sponsor’s the carnage was kept to a minimum.  I remember the first year out there the pile of broken parts, smoked spur gears, broken dog bones, burnt up clutches, broken pinion bolts was insane, that seems to be a thing of the past now thanks to companies like Turtle Racing, Phatdad RC, Modified RC, TGN and Hostile Racing.  Our group photo had approximately 50 Baja’s in it with another 6-8 sitting in people’s pit’s being worked on.  Thank you to each and every person that came out to have fun and lend a hand.  Until next time, have fun racing and bashing, I hope to catch up with all of you out at the dunes again or at another event – Andrew Koz, Scorpion Unlimited.  Mark your Calendars for next year, June 8-10, 2012.

No limit RC(UK chapter) and Team MMubeR baja display team at the British truck racing series.

Uber and MMR on display at the British Truck Racing Series

Do the boys in the UK know how to drive or what?!?!  Looks like a great event to us and we could only hope that someone in the US could take this idea of bashing overtop full size cars and bring it to an event here at home. Great job guy! Read below for official press release.



No limit RC(UK chapter) and Team MMubeR baja display team wowed the spectators at the Pembrey round of the British truck racing series.

Pembrey is a well known race track in the UK situated on the south Wales coast in the United Kingdom. It is a very fast track allowing the awesome racing trucks to stretch their legs.

The event organisers donated 3 jalopies to add to the mayhem. Not only did we have some bangers to jump over and smash up we were blessed with glorious April sunshine which in Wales is rare during the summer months!

Check out more pictures of the baja’s clocking up the air miles by clicking HERE.

You can also see the article put on the HPI Europe site HERE.

.HPI Baja 5b breaking through the rear class of a car

Uber and MMR on display at the British Truck Racing Series

Uber and MMR on display at the British Truck Racing Series

Team Chase does it again. Another MUST HAVE product.

Team Chase Rear Shock Tower for HPi Baja

TGN Press Release. Purchase products HERE.


“Team Chase” Rear Shock Towers for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, and 5sc.

Some orders will be delayed and shipped no later than March 31st.

The Team Chase rear shock tower brace is a long awaited for part that replaces the stock tower that is prone to several issues found on all HPI baja models including the 5b, SS, 5t and 5sc. The first issue with the stock part is the fact that the very important rear shock brace mounts to this area and simply just screws into plastic with no nuts for reineforcement. This is a very significant issue as a lot of weight and stress is put on this area. The Team Chase Rear Shock Tower changes that by adding dual nylock nuts to each brace mounting points.

The other feature of this brace is that its over build, sturdy and plastic. No more need for heavy billet replacments, this ultra stong plactic tower is extra light weight and will for sure be the choice of every basher worlwide.

.Team Chase Rear Shock Tower for HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and ss