RobotKitchen Team Torc Preview Video – On Board Videos

RobotKitchen teases us with Team Torc On Board Preview

The geniuses over at RobotKitchen tease us with their TeamChase roll caged HPI Baja 5T with full detailed interior including a GPS! Ever since they announced they were teaming up with TGN, we been waiting for the next video. This one looks to be just a preview of what’s to come.

Word is there will be even more surprises as this series progresses including added features and detail to the interior of this wild machine. The work, effort and attention to detail in RobotKitchen on board videos is by far the best we have seen and with it being in a large 1/5 scale RC makes it all that much better for us all!


Oh and watch the second video below, that kinda tells you where things are headed with this series. Extreme realism and a complex set of props and sets are coming your way!

 Watch all the RobotKitchen videos HERE.




West Coast Large Scale Nationals – Live Coverage via RCLS

Horizon Hobby West Coast Large Scale Nationals


Looks like all of us unlucky race fans who just can’t get to the Horizon Hobby West Coast Large Scale Nations just got some good news. The team at RC Large Scale, the large scale forum with the best information and the most updates on the web.

On November 8th -11th you can watch live HERE

For now, browse their forums and get involved with large scale HERE.


The Driver Stand talks about the Team Associated 1/5 Large Scale

The Driver Stand talks about the Team Associated 1/5 Large Scale

 Take a listen to the newest postcast from The Driver Stand. Craig talks about the industry in general and where things are going and where he would like to see them end up. He tells you about his phone call to Team Associated and what happened when he asked them point blank about the possibility of an Associated 1/5 Large Scale truck, car, buggy or whatever. LSN talked about the possibility of a large scale buggy or truck from Associated in the PAST and have heard positive and negative responses from it. I don’t think this will be the end of the talk about a new brand to enter our market…

Take a listen at this direct LINK or check out their blog HERE.

Oneill Brothers shares their tech videos on YouTube

OBR shares with you their informative Tech Videos

Check out these great videos from the boys over at Oneill Brothers Racing. They are well known for building complete engines and selling parts for those interested in building their own Zenoah or CY engine on their Large Scale. Now with their help you can sit back, enjoy a beverage and learn to wrench with the best of them.

See the OBR blog with additional information and move videos HERE or check out the products that TGN offers HERE.


Turtle Racing HPI Baja Servo Saver

Turtle Racing Billet Servo Saver for the HPI Baja

Look what Turtle Racing has done for you Baja owners. On one had he has made you spend more money but on the other you will save time replacing your broken steering servo saver parts on your 5b, 5t or 5sc. I guess over time you will save money too so this one is a home run if you ask us.

If you bash or race an HPI 1/5 Scale 5B, 5T or 5SC you will know there are several issues with the stock servo saver in the steering system. This new billet version by Turtle Racing looks like it has those issues covered and then some. Read the details below about how this new Turtle product will make you and your baja happy campers.


Part Number: TUR0028

Product Link: HERE (get it shipped for free)

Press Release:


Turtle Racing has developed a servo saver HPI Baja. No more broken plastic or worn out cams. The spring provides solid linear action, smooth through the whole action. There are eight sealed bearings in this unit. The TR Servo Saver mounts right into stock location with no modifications required.

  • Made from certified 6061 Billet Aluminum by


  • Turtle Racing. All aluminum pieces are warrantied, springs bearing and clips are wear items and not covered by warranty. Turtle Racing is in NO way responsible for your steering servo. We recommend using only metal gear servos and your servo should be properly maintained. We are NOT responsible for broken servos.

Servo Saver Spring and Bearings available as well:

Killer RC Power Starter – Roto Start reborn!

Rotor Start is reborn as the Power Starter – thanks to Killer RC


Available HERE , enter your email to be notified.

Special thanks to Killer RC for this early release of a prototype they have been working on. We saw a popular product become discontinued as of late and it was known as the Roto Start. Killer looks like he has taken that concept and from the specs it looks to be lighter, less expensive and more portable as well. The large scale Power Starter by Killer RC. I like it! Oh and the price under $70 WOW!

So get out your HPI Baja, Losi 5IVE-T (will only work with a angle adapter of your choice, angle driver and with no tuned pipe in the way, only order for your Losi if you know you have the needed adapters to make this work) or other large 1/4 scale RC’s and be ready for the starter that will end those frustrated efforts of pulling and pulling with broken ropes and sore shoulders. Work smart, not hard…use a drill!

See all of the current products from Killer RC HERE.



Details of the Killer RC Power Starter for large 1/5 scale RC’s:


Coming late November. Under $70 retail. Easy installation. All you need to add is a power drill.
This is one of our prototypes. The production version may look slightly different.

My goal was to make a power assisted engine starter that’s simple, reliable, and affordable. The main improvement here, over other starters, is that the one way bearing is in the driver on the drill. Once the engine is running, the one way bearing is done doing its job. So the bearing is not constantly spinning with the flywheel, adding drag, getting dirty, and eventually burning up, like what sometimes happens with other starters. And those one way bearings are expensive to replace; like $30. Our bearing should never need replacing, but if it does it’s only $12.





2012 West Coast Large Scale Nationals – Glen Helen Nov. 8th


1/5 Scale Racing at West Coast Large Scale Nationals Glen Helen



Kershaw Designs is offering sponsorship help to turn your large scale into brushless powered electric. Get the details HERE.



Get the most recent info on the race details HERE.


Original Post:

Looks like a good race is shaping up for November 8th-11th in Southern California. Dust off your Losi 5IVE-T, HPI Baja, MCD or whatever large scale you have and go have some fun with these guys. LSN will do our best to get live coverage with pictures, video etc.


There will be no pre-registration for this event. You may pay fees when you arrive. If you have questions please contact

2wd and 4×4 classes will operate with the rule of 30.5cc engines and smaller. No other limits on aftermarket parts.

2 Additional Race classes added:

31cc and larger engine

Electric vehicles



There are numerous hotels and motels within a 15 minute drive priced from the budget to the luxury. The same is true for restaurants as there is fast food 5 minutes away to popular family restaurants and buffets within 15 minutes.

There are other amenities this new facility has to offer. It is located in an area know as the Inland Empire 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

This is approximately a 60 minute drive from Pacific Coast beaches, 45 minutes from Disneyland, 60 minutes from Magic Mountain, 30 to 45 minutes from several Indian owned Casinos, 60 minutes from Palm Springs, 45 minutes from mountain resort areas of Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. We have exciting local Sprint Car Racing on the dirt ½ mile oval at Perris Auto Speedway. Last and certainly not the least, especially for the ladies, 30 to 45 minutes from 3 major Outlet Malls.

As you can see this is not just a place to race cars, IT IS A DESTINATION FOR FAMILY FUN.

 For more information please email

or call 909-887-9700

LSN Exclusive – Kershaw Designs West Coast Nationals Sponsorships

Kershaw Designs makes a GREAT offer to go Brushless

The upcoming West Coast Large Scale Nationals at Glen Helen is coming up soon. Get all the detail HERE in an older post. But you want more? Do you want to arrive with a new power plant? Want to be in an exclusive group of innovative racers? Read the press release below from Kershaw Designs on how they want to make your large scale HPI baja or Losi 5IVE-T or any 1/5 scale for that matter GO FAST with brushless.

Follow the thread on this offer at RC Large Scale!

Press Release:

Kershaw Designs is out to bolster the ranks of large scale electric vehicles at the Large Scale West Coast Nationals coming up.  Here’s what they are offering.  For your participation in the Large Scale Electric category at the race in early Nov, they will supply any parts needed to convert your rig to big large scale electric power AT COST.  Installation included.  Yes, that’s right – wholesale pricing for any parts brought to the race.  This includes conversions and power for HPI Baja’s, Losi 5ives, Redcat XB-E’s, E-Revo’s and Savages of any kind.  For more information contact Dan at


Ronshop Losi 5IVE-T Late Model Oval Body – RC Driver Review

RC Driver and Ronshop show off Losi 5IVE-T Late Model Oval


I know what your thinking…When did Ronshop make a Losi 5IVE-T Late Model Body? Well the answer is they are working on it. It’s close and you may see them in stores before the  years end. For now you can see there product line that is available for the HPI Baja products HERE. Expect this product to be on the TGN site soon for pre-orders.

RC Driver got the details on the first prototype for the Losi 5IVE-T. They share the entire build process from axle extenders from Craftwerks-RC to the Hostile tires and the new Ronshop Losi 5IVE-T Late Model Body.

Check out the full detailed report and dozens of images by following THIS link to RC Driver.


Mammuth looks to Crowdsourcing for funds…

Mammuth looks for your help to build more Rewarron’s

The guys at Mammuth Works have turned to crowdsourcing for help to move their project along. Mammuth Works is making a huge 1/3 scale R/C truck called the Rewarron which we talked about earlier and still continue to update you on with videos and such.

They are using a site called which is simular to the US site called KickStarter that we have mentioned in our Midweek Surfing in the past.

If your interested in helping or possibly buying a Rewarron, head over HERE to read more.