TGN offers Outerwears for your DT1 Filter


TGN Outerwears Pre-Filter for your DT1 filter for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

TGN offers Outerwears Pre-Filters for your DTI Air Filter.


Press Release:

Manufacture: Outerwears (exclusively designed and distributed by TGN)

Product Link: 20-2683


When DT1 teamed up with TGN to bring an exclusive line of foam filters to the Large Scale industry we knew you were going to want to protect your investment with a pre-filter.

Using Terra-Flow standards Outerwears has designed this new pre-filter to protect your DT1 air filter and the inside of your power plant from dirt, debris, and water while allowing maximum air flow that Outerwears is known for.

Available in:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Yellow
  • Orange



Don’t have a DT1 filter?  You can purchase one HERE



TGN Outerwears Pre-Filter for your DT1 filter for your HPI baja 5b 5t 5sc ss

DTI Filter with Outerwears Pre-Filter for your 1/5 scale car or truck

BZM Micro 28.5cc – First production engine is finished


BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your large scale r/cBizeta 28.5cc from BZM Micro for your large scale R/C is almost here!


Well the wait is almost over ladies and gentleman. After a lot of testing and R&D the very first production Bizeta BZM Micro 28.5cc engine is now off the production line. Some final testing will be done and as they start to come off the line you can trust TGN’s order will be ready to ship soon.  TGN is the exclusive US and Canadian distributor for these engines.

We are working on all final product descriptions, specs, and other needed details like prices. We expect these to be all wrapped up some time in July so keep your eyes on LSN for more information.

As we learn more the TGN site will be updated as well, see the product page for this engine HERE.


Read about all the BZM news from the past on LSN HERE.


Check out our photo album with larger res images HERE.


BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your large scale r/c

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your large scale r/c

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your large scale r/c

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your HPI Baja 5b

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your HPI Baja 5t

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your HPI Baja 5sc

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your HPI Baja 5t

BZM 28.5cc Bizeta Engine for your HPI Baja 5b


Power Jam 2011 – LSN and RCLS Live Coverage

Live Coverage of the 2011 Power Jam 2011

provided by LargeScaleNews and RCLargeScale

As mentioned HERE, LSN and RCLargeScale are headed out this weekend to cover the 2011 Power Jam race. RCLS will be providing the live feed and video coverage for you while LSN will be posting images and as always bring back hundreds and maybe thousands of images for your viewing pleasure.

Watch this tread for updates on NEWS, Images and Video. New images and posts will be at the top of the page.

For live video feed of the event please go to

Also check out this thread HERE for up to date info and to chat about our coverage.

** Update **

On my way home. Amazing location, killer tracks, awesome people and we will be back for sure. We will make a final post with all our thoughts soon.

** Update 12pm Sunday **

Ron from RonShop showed up today with his oval car and is getting in some track time before his race.

** Updated 8am Sunday **

Last day of the event and we will be posting images of the mains soon. Below are some images of the end of the day and my trip to Indian Beach Amusement Park that’s about 10 miles from the track and where I stayed for the night. Pretty cool park with rides and restaurants either right on the water or in it. They had a fireworks show at 11:30pm and I had a night cap at the upstairs bar with live music. A 180 degrees different from the cigar lounge I was in only one night earlier. Enjoy the pic’s and remember there is many more HERE and you can see other updates and chat in the forums HERE or watch live video feeds HERE. This Crazy Eight track was so cool. So much going on and dust flying everywhere it was just chaos on dirt. A LOT of fun. As some of you know I live to cover the “pits” and the people in them. So in our album you will see many images of what it was like behind the scenes. The TGN table. Got to meet some great customers, some new some old. And many got to come by and “touch and feel” the new BZM Micro 28.5cc engine. Many people liked that… ** Updated 8pm** About to close up shop here guys. Another big day for tomorrow planned. ** Updated 4:30 ** Lots more images on our album HERE. Dont forget the LIVE video feed ** Updated 2PM ** Lots more on our album HERE! ** UPDATED 11PM **

Official images will be posted HERE but when possible we will be updating the thread with good ones.

. . Hope to see some of you there. Arrived in Indy last night, picked up a killer deal on my rental car, a brand new V8 SS Camaro convertible. Went out for a walk late last night, photos below. On my way now to the event, should be there around 9:30am. . Some sort of renovation going on downtown. This is the “circle” in down town Indianapolis. . Here is a great Cigar Lounge called Nicky Blaine’s in the “circle”. I sat and puffed on a cigar while drinking a Dirty Martini and surfing the forum. . Can you believe rental car companies offer a V8 SS Camaro and not only that they dont have me on their “do not rent” list yet. Yes! Picked it up for $25 over standard rate. They said they bought 20 of them for the Indy 500 and rented them out for over $300 a day and they were booked all week long. Thanks to that race I now get to cruz out to Power Jam in style…and in a HURRY.


NX Graphics Print and Paint Creations turns 2 weeks into 7 minutes for your viewing pleasure.

Kraken Custom Paint Job by Cobra



Where have I been that I’m just now getting the 411 on this painter who seems to have a great talent and a big interest in painting for R/C? Well either way I am glad to be aware of him now and we wanted to share one of his newest projects.

The company is NX Graphics Print and Paint Creations and the mastermind behind it is Will Mandujano. Not only is his work outstanding but he does a variety of R/C related items. As of late I see a lot of large scale bodies being done for the HPI Baja as well other brands and styles. Even better he videos and documents his projects and posts them on his blog.

Here is his posting of the newest job he is doing for Kraken-RC on a RCP TT Wide Body. We will post his video and comments below and will also follow up on this build as we learn more.


After a long 2 weeks of designing, masking, painting the kraken is alive. check out the uTube Video link here to see what 20+ hours looks like in 7 Minutes.

Kraken Custom Paint Job by Cobra for 5sc

Kraken Custom Paint Job by Cobra for TT body

Kraken Custom Paint Job by Cobra on RCP Wide Body

Kraken Custom Paint Job by Cobra on RCP Wide Body

Here is another video of a large scale body being painted up for an HPI Baja 5t.




** UPDATE **

New HPI Baja 5sc RCP Wide BodyBody finished by NX Graphics. This one was inspired by the Sharpie Lambo. Check it out…



NX Graphics HPI Baja 5sc RCP Wide Body Custom PaintNX Graphics HPI Baja 5sc RCP Wide Body Custom Paint

NX Graphics HPI Baja 5sc RCP Wide Body Custom Paint

NX Graphics Custom Paint work on a RCP Wide Body for an HPI Baja 5SC

NX Graphics Custom Paint work on a RCP Wide Body for an HPI Baja 5SC

LSN takes a “Close Up” view of Keith’s Twin HPI 5T


Keith's HPI Baja 5t with the Oneill Brothers Twin 50.8cc engine


LSN takes a “Close Up” of

Keith’s O’neill Brothers Twin Cylinder 50.8cc HPI Baja 5t


Guest Post by: Keith (also known as Billet on many forums) Keith is a partner of TeamChase and has been known for building some of the most beautiful blinged out show builds this industry has seen.



Video Below. More close up images HERE.



Thanks everyone for looking, this build started off as a used ready to run buggy. But after a long list of parts and many hours in the team chase garage it has turned out to be a real clean and custom build. I would like to thank Mark and all his staff at TGN for the help and quick shipping of all my parts. Kevin owner of Team Chase for all your help making my custom roll cage and the final assembly with the build. XRmikey for making my one off wheel nuts and Dan & Sean of Oneill Brothers Racing for my insanely built twin,  Jeff at Craft Werks R/C for his help with cutting out a truggy style tripp wide body.

Here is a list of the parts used in the build I wanted to make something that anyone can put togther with the parts avaible from local hobbie stores, all the polishing and custom painting have been done by me.

* Hpi baja 5b ready to run
* Fast lane extended arms
Titanium Layshaft
Billet Spur Gear Carrier
Obr 26cc twin
Turtle Racing:
Twin install kit
Front & Rear Shock Towers
Front & Rear Top Chassy Braces
Heavy Duty Enclosed Clutch
* Futaba 4pk Radio
* Threshold
Front Bulk Head
5T Sand Buster Tires Front & Rear
Team Chase:
Roll Cage
Rear Shock Towers
John Tripp Wide Body
* Silver Back Heavy Duty Bead Locks
* Team Fast Eddy Pro Bearings
* Hostile Rear Hubs
* GBE Wheel Extenders Front & Rear





This “Close Up” is the first of its kind here at LSN but not the last. Do you own or know of a top shelf large scale build that you would like to see on LSN. Then please email us at and give us your thoughts.

2011 Baja Endurance Challenge – Denmark

 2011 Baja Endurance Challenge Finals Denmark!

2011 Baja Endurance Challenge Finals will be held at the Hillerød RC Racing club, north of Copenhagen in Denmark!

HPI Press Release. Find more info HERE.

We are proud to offiicially announce that the 2011 Baja Endurance Challenge Finals will be held at the Hillerød RC Racing club, north of Copenhagen in Denmark!

The date for this year’s race will be the 9th and 10th of September!

Like the 2010 Baja Finals, the 2011 event will be at a permanent large-scale racing club with complete international-spec racing facilities and tall lights for racing at night.


Date: 9-10 September 2011

Location: Hillerød, Denmark, 35km north of Copenhagen, Denmark

RC Club: Hillerød RC Racing large scale club,

Hotels: Hotel Hillerød, or Pharmakon Hotel, reserve room here

Campsite: Hillerød Camping,

Food & Drinks: on-site during race – breakfast, lunch, coffee, etc.

Maximum # of Teams : 15 teams of 4-6 drivers, extra mechanics allowed

Team Entry Fee : €250 per team

Entry fee includes: handout tyres, limited edition 2011 HPI Baja Finals T-shirts for all team members, fuel and oil for the whole weekend, special Friday evening team activity and buffet, prizes for the Top Qualifier team, trophies for the top 3 teams and raffle prize tickets

RCX 2011 Chicago – New Attractions

RCX 2011 Chicago New Attractions


RCX Chicago 2011 – New Attractions Are Here!




TGN will be displaying at the Chicago RCX so please plan on coming out to support the Large Scale scene and say hello. See all our post about RCX HERE.

Chat about the event and ask questions HERE.




With over 13 attractions already planned and more in the works, RCX
Chicago is going to be an event like no other!

Attractions include:

• Off-Road Dirt Track
• Extreme Outdoor Fly Arena
• Traxxas Off-Road “Try Me” Track
• Indoor Fly Arena
• Horizon Off-Road “Try Me” Track
• Horizon “Fly Me” Arena
• Rock Crawling Mountain
• Kyosho Dnano Track
• RC Drag Racing
• RC Tractor Pull
• Mini RC Car Racing & “Try Me” Track
• Asphalt Assault Race
• Bash-A-Palooza
• Monster Truck Demo

To see the entire list of attractions plus photos and video click HERE. Be sure to check back often and stay up-to-date on the latest additions to RCX Chicago!


TeamChase RC Quick Tips #1 – Kraken Bullet Fueler



TeamChase R/C Quick Tips

We are happy to announce the first ever TeamChase R/C Quick Tips. This is the first of many great tips from the great minds of TeamChase.

Keeping with the theme “Quick” we will keep this simple. This is a great tip on how to get your Kraken Bullet Fueler to dump your fuel into your car in under 11 seconds vs the stock system that takes 1:42.



The Bullet Fueler is made by Kraken and you can see their full line of products HERE.

TeamChase is an active member in the Large Scale R/C scene and has a full product line you can see HERE.







RPM Bumper Light Pod Mounts

RPM Light Pod Mounts for the HPI Baja bumper

RPM introduces Light Pod Mounts for their HPI Baja Bumper


Now available and in stock HERE!

RPM Press Release Below:

Within hours of releasing our Front Bumper for the HPI 5B (#81972), we heard a strong demand for a way to mount some lights to it. The wait is over!

RPM’s Light Pod Mounts for the HPI 5B are truly unique. They are sold in pairs to allow up to four HPI light pods (not included) to be mounted to an RPM Front Bumper (sold separately) with two pods affixed to each mount.

With their modular design, they are the first and only fully adjustable pod mounts available today. Each pair of light pod mounts can be adjusted individually for both left to right as well as up and down settings. Not all four lights need to be run either. Any combination of lights can be run, from two narrow or two wide light pods, with a number of possible alternative combinations or all four for the ultimate in visibility – that’s a total of 48 – 5mm LEDs burning the night away!

With the lights so far forward, LEDs (not included) mounted in the light pods will project unobstructed light without shadow! Another unique feature available only on RPM lighting products is a foldaway design that in the event of a flip or frontal crash, the LED’s will fold back and down, out of harms way, allowing the bumper and shock tower to take the impact and protecting those expensive LEDs!


RPM Light Pod Mounts are sold as a pair of mounts only (enough to affix 4 HPI light pods to a vehicle). RPM Front Bumpers (#81972) and HPI light pods and LEDs are not included.RPM Light Pod Mounts are designed for use with RPM bumpers for the HPI Baja 5B but may be mounted anywhere sufficient room and a 4mm screw will allow (some warranty restrictions may apply).

RPM Baja 5b Bumper Light Pod Mounting Bracket

TGN-LSN interviewed on The Driver Stand Podcast

A couple weeks ago we blogged about the all new R/C podcast called The Driver Stand and how we enjoyed the show and the concept. Well now I have been asked to participate in an interview for Episode 3. I was excited about the opportunity and flattered to have been asked.

The interview went well and it’s been posted on his site and on iTunes already. So got check it out HERE!

I would once again like to thank the team at The Driver Stand for the work they are doing and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your great show. We hope to be invited back soon to talk more large scale.