LSN takes a “Close Up” view of Keith’s Twin HPI 5T


Keith's HPI Baja 5t with the Oneill Brothers Twin 50.8cc engine


LSN takes a “Close Up” of

Keith’s O’neill Brothers Twin Cylinder 50.8cc HPI Baja 5t


Guest Post by: Keith (also known as Billet on many forums) Keith is a partner of TeamChase and has been known for building some of the most beautiful blinged out show builds this industry has seen.



Video Below. More close up images HERE.



Thanks everyone for looking, this build started off as a used ready to run buggy. But after a long list of parts and many hours in the team chase garage it has turned out to be a real clean and custom build. I would like to thank Mark and all his staff at TGN for the help and quick shipping of all my parts. Kevin owner of Team Chase for all your help making my custom roll cage and the final assembly with the build. XRmikey for making my one off wheel nuts and Dan & Sean of Oneill Brothers Racing for my insanely built twin,  Jeff at Craft Werks R/C for his help with cutting out a truggy style tripp wide body.

Here is a list of the parts used in the build I wanted to make something that anyone can put togther with the parts avaible from local hobbie stores, all the polishing and custom painting have been done by me.

* Hpi baja 5b ready to run
* Fast lane extended arms
Titanium Layshaft
Billet Spur Gear Carrier
Obr 26cc twin
Turtle Racing:
Twin install kit
Front & Rear Shock Towers
Front & Rear Top Chassy Braces
Heavy Duty Enclosed Clutch
* Futaba 4pk Radio
* Threshold
Front Bulk Head
5T Sand Buster Tires Front & Rear
Team Chase:
Roll Cage
Rear Shock Towers
John Tripp Wide Body
* Silver Back Heavy Duty Bead Locks
* Team Fast Eddy Pro Bearings
* Hostile Rear Hubs
* GBE Wheel Extenders Front & Rear





This “Close Up” is the first of its kind here at LSN but not the last. Do you own or know of a top shelf large scale build that you would like to see on LSN. Then please email us at and give us your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “LSN takes a “Close Up” view of Keith’s Twin HPI 5T”

  1. I saw this car at RCX in Pomona, It is by far one of the coolest looking car’s I have seen. The polish on it was absolutely amazing.
    Great Job Keith.

  2. Thanks every one for the good words. I had it out at bake pkwy this weekend on oh my the sound is music to your ears and the way it runs just leaves you in Awww.

    Turtle “Dave” the twin install kit came out so nice & Your parts are like no other! I run all of them on my three builds and will continue the support.

  3. Kieth is one of the good guys I’ve met in this hobbie and his detail is second to non. I have had a chance to see this monster in person, and hear it run-(scream), but I am most impressed with his painting skills. The bodies he paints have no decals, all sponsers names are painted flawlessly, this is skill at it’s best.

  4. i saw that car at his house being built some of the coolest shit ive seen makes my stuff look like nothing good job keith

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