Castle Creations Baja 5b Brushless Conversion, Part 2

Castle Creations Baja Brushless Video Part 2


Now watch Par 3 HERE!

Part 2 of our series is LIVE!


LSN takes a closer look at some of the parts we plan on using in our Castle Creations Brushless Conversion being done on our HPI Baja 5b. Including parts from Max-AmpsDarkSoul, RPM, TeamFastEdddy, TGN Distributing, GRP Tires, and BajaSkunkWorks.


Watch for part 3 where we show you more items used on our project baja, we finish up the build and take it for a spin. Cant wait to put this thing in reverse.


HPI Announces new Spur Gear for your Baja



HPI puts out another new announcement today. This is kind of “part 2” with the announcement of the new Slipper Clutch. While it’s a replacement part for the slipper, it’s also a HP part for any of the HPI 1/5 scale models.

See this and other new products from HPI by clicking HERE.

This hardened steel 57T spur gear is precision machined from steel, then hardened for maximum durability. It’s a heavy duty direct replacement for the stock nylon spur gear found on the Baja 5B, 5T, 5SC and 5SC SS vehicles. The steel gear rides on an aluminum hub to save critical rotating mass. Damper bushings are included to help reduce drivetrain jolts. It’s also a replacement part for the Power Control Slipper Clutch spur gear. It’s specially designed for extreme driving conditions and high-power engines fitted in the Baja 5b buggy, 5T truck or 5SC and 5SC SS short course trucks!

  • Hardened Steel 57T Spur Gear
  • Increased Durability
  • Lightweight Aluminum Hub
  • Damper Bushings
  • Fits Baja 5B, 5T 5SC, and 5SC SS



HPI Steel Spur for you Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and ss

LSN unboxes the HPI Baja 5sc-ss. Lets see whats inside.

HPI Baja 5sc-SS kit

Just ahead of the release, LSN was lucky enough to get our hands on the all new HPI Baja 5sc-SS kit. So naturally we wanted to show it to you. Watch our unboxing video of the 1/5 scale Super Sport below.

Once the HPI Baja 5sc was released it was the talk of the town and many people were excited to get their hands on one. But lots of builders preferred, hoped, and dreamed that HPI would release a HPI Baja 5sc-SS KIT model. Well it has happened and much faster between release dates compared to the last Baja 5b SS kit vs. when the RTR Baja 5b was released. Glad to see our wait times from HPI are shrinking.

The HPI Baja line of 1/5 radio control cars and trucks are built very well and can handle a decent pounding. But with THOUSANDS of items built by aftermarket companies now, it’s often preferred to build your own starting from kit form. It allows the user to get more involved with the car or truck and understand the workings of it. It also allows the user to take those stock parts and maybe sell or trade them off for cash or other needed parts. If your looking for a custom paint job-that also can get expensive if you had to buy a new clear body-getting one already clear and ready for your painter saves time and money. Many will also prefer to use an aftermarket motor, radios, and gear boxes. These things alone could take hours just to remove and replace, so the kit option by far is your best bet. Watch the video, get out those tools, and send us images of your custom built HPI Baja 5sc-ss.

Boxed up HPI Baja 5sc SS Kit Model

Inside the box of a HPI Baja 5sc ss KIT

So are you getting one? Post your comments below.

We would also like to host a contest. There is a mistake on the color printed box of the HPI Baja 5sc SS. The first person to email me an image of the mistake gets a free TGN shirt of their size. Email photo to

HPI Announces the 1/5 Baja 5sc-SS Kit. Get your tools out.

HPI Baja 5sc-SS Press Release

The kit many people have been waiting for. Get more information by CLICKING HERE.


The exciting Baja 5SC SS gets the SS treatment! HPI is proud to announce the latest addition to the Baja line-up, the Baja 5SC SS. Like the rest of the SS line, the Baja 5SC SS comes as an unassembled kit that you get to build from the ground up. But we don’t stop there; the Baja 5SC SS is equipped with all of the high performance goods in the box, right down to a clear SC-1 body that you can paint just the way you want for a truly custom truck. The powerplant has been upgraded to the high performance Fuelie 26s engine, coupled to the optional aluminum tuned pipe with steel header. Combined with the 8,000 RPM clutch, the Baja 5SC SS has some serious grunt to help it propel to speeds in excess of 40MPH! We have also included the stock muffler if you feel like quieting things down a bit. Traction comes from the high performance and extremely sticky HB Rodeoo tires mounted on the new TR-10 wheels.

HPI Baja 5sc-SS Press Release

Photographing R/C cars: Tips and Tricks (Part-1)

HPI Baja 5t at Hostile Bajafest 2010

Is your HPI baja 5b or 5sc your baby? Do you want to share with the world your hard work and effort you put into your Large Scale car or truck?

This will be a series of posts that will give tips and tricks for taking great photos of your radio control cars and trucks. We will cover everything from using cell phone cameras to smaller point and shoot cameras to full DSLR’s. We will cover everything from framing the shot to lighting to equipment.

We hope you enjoy these posts and that the tips help you capture your pride and joy.

Background- Watch your backgrounds, keep them as clean as possible. Especially if you’re just taking a beauty photo of your car or truck. Bring it outside, nothing kills me more than seeing an RC car in someone’s kitchen or on their bed. I don’t want to see a grown man’s Superman bedspread when checking out their baja.

When on location at an event, you can see I tried to get the banner in the background- so you know who’s track you’re at or who the track sponsors are.


Standing and getting the shot from 5 feet above the ground is too typical-like everyone else’s. Here is a standard high position shot.

HPI Baja 5b VW at TeamChase

Now look what happens when you get LOW! It brings you into the action and also can make the image appear to be more like a real car because your at eye-level to its scale.

Also note the tight crop, keeping the focus on the car only. Putting the car to one side of the image gives the impression that it’s leaving the frame. That’s called the “rule of thirds and the idea is to keep the subject away from the center of the frame. Imagine the frame broken up into thirds (with lines vertically and horizontally), you would want to keep your focal point where any of those lines cross.

HPI Baja 5b VW at TeamChase

You can get HIGH too…but make it interesting. For example, this great shot from the driver’s stand.  Also note this is a PANORAMIC, that was stitched together from a dozen or more images.  More on that in the coming episodes…

TeamChase Baja Track-Driver Stand View

More is Better. Include more than just one car. Tell a story with your image and show that you’re at a race and get the shot of them battling it out for first…..or last…

Late Models Racing at hostile bajafest 2010

We hope you have fun with these tips and tricks and stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon.

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Have you tried browsing LSN on your mobile phone? LSN is setup to automatically be viewed in “Mobile Theme” when visited by a mobile phone. It’s a cleaner and less data rich way to view the site. Once you’re inside a post you can see the images within the post just as you would on a PC, example below.

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I am a big fan of browsing blogs on my cell phone, while I am in line for lunch or waiting for my truck to be cleaned etc. It’s a quick and easy way to catch up and help pass time. Two of my favorite non R/C related blogs to watch are Engadget and MacRumors.

1932 Duesenberg in 1/6 scale

Duesenberg 1/6 Scale working model

How cool is this? Ok I know it’s not a 30.5 dune reaping baja but it is worth taking a look. And the motor RUNS! No its not R/C but we thought you would find this model car intriguing and inspiring. The attention to detail is hard to even get a grasp of the amount of work and effort that has went into it.

Check out the video of the engine running.

Take a look at the link here to read more, and while your surfing bounce around to the home page and see a lot of other really cool project.

LSN is primarily an R/C site but we hope to share interesting things that somehow relate to what we love about R/C and model building. This is one of those “LSN Finds” that we hope you will enjoy.

Post your comments below.

BZM-Micro Brings Power To The People

Bi Zeta Announces BZM-Micro, a replacement RC motor for your HPI baja

Available Soon at TGN!

Big news for us Large Scale fans. The world famous engine builder Bi Zeta Motors has announced they are entering the R/C market with a line of engines made as a direct replacement of your CY and Zenoah style motors. To see more details of the engine and a video of this beast on the dyno CLICK HERE.

This is something us gasser guys have dreamed of for years. Ever since the Go-Ped days we have wished we could convince BZM and other small performance engine companies to consider making “us” a motor. Well the time has come. Bi Zeta Motors has been announced a new line of engines. Available first as a 23cc and then leading into a 26cc and 28.5cc. But don’t worry, the 23cc is showing a dyno reading of 6hp+ at almost 15,000RPM. Now that is a MONSTER!

Our friends at MMR will be handling the UK distribution and TGN will be heading up the US market. LSN has been told we will get sneak peaks of this engine and more details very soon. So stay tuned…….

More about Bi Zeta Motors

Bi Zeta Motor designs and manufactures aftermarket-performance engines and special racing parts, playing a leading role in a complex and constantly evolving market. Pocketbikes, ultralight aircraft, model-nautical, -aeronautics, -motoring, are the main sectors ask our support, finding in our products an answer for their specific requirements.

A young and active leadership, exeperienced technical staff, as well as suppliers selection, able to be up to our rigorous quality control standards, determine the strategic line of the company, based on research and technological development.

Study at first, then engineering and prototypes achievement, lastly exsasperated captive tests, allow us to get innovating products, at high level of performance, spreading Bi Zeta Motor brand around the world joined to Made in Italy style.

LSN unboxes the Castle Creations Brushless Kit

LSN unboxes the Castle Creations baja brushless kit

Watch Part 2 HERE.

LSN unboxes the Castle Creations HPI baja brushless conversion combo kit. Watch the video below to see what’s inside this box.

This is Part 1 of a series of videos and posts we plan on doing here at LSN. We

Want to convert your HPI baja 5s or other models? Check out all the details HERE.
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