RCRACING.TV covers the Large Scale Touring Car Euros 2012

Live Coverage – Large Scale Touring Car Euros 2012

We cover mostly off-road large scale here on LSN, mostly because that is what is so popular here in the US and worldwide. But there is a big scene of large scale on-road that is rarely scene or covered on the web. It’s some pretty amazing stuff and I suggest you take some time and check it out.

Live Coverage and so much more at www.rcracingtv.net CHECK IT OUT!

1/10 Baja 5b available now?

Hobby People Sand Storm

Ok so NO its not an HPI product and no its not truly a 1/10 scale 5b but take a closer look. This thing is strangely simular to an HPI baja yet its a Hobby People product and its a 1/10 scale electric. Lots of areas on the car are mechanically identical and if cropped and zoomed in you would almost think your looking at an HPI baja 5b.

It’s called the Hobby People Sand Storm and it’s an electric 1/10 scale sand rail.

We see copied and clones all the time but this one is a bit different and I thought you HPI fans or just large scale aficionados would appreciate this one. Enjoy the images below and if your feeling like adding to your R/C collection, purchase it HERE.



1/5 West Coast Nationals 11-8 to 11-12 2012

Large Scale West Coast Nationals at Glen Helen – 1/5 Scale Racing

Looking for the next big west coast event? Looks like plans are in the works for the new large scale r/c track in southern california. Glen Helen Raceway has a new radio control 1/5 track for the HPI Baja, Losi 5IVE-T and more! All brands are welcome and I am told there will be classes for both 2WD and 4WD too!

Follow the thread HERE.

More information as it becomes available.

HPI Rebates – That time of year again!

HPI Racing – Rebates – Buy Now!



WOW, use these rebates on THESE TGN deals and save even more!

Time to buy that new HPI baja 5b, 5sc or maybe the new Flux or even better the new 5SC 4wd Brushless.

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Press Release:

The HPI/HB Consumer Rebate Program is back for Summer 2012!

Consumers will receive a Summer 2012 Rebate Check on selected products purchased from July 14th – August 31st, 2012. It’s real simple, once your customer has purchased a qualifying HPI or HB vehicle, they just need the original store receipt and the UPC Code from the box. Then fill in the apropriate info on the Rebate Web Form, print and mail it all in by September 30th, 2012 and HPI RACING will send them a check in the mail! Limit 10 (ten) rebate offers per customer during this period.

10610 Baja 5B SS Kit
103859 Baja V2.0 RTR
105231 Baja 5SC RTR

861 Savage X SS Kit
67535 Ve8
105644 Savage X 4.6 RTR
106258 Super 5SC
107004 Bullet ST 3.0
107006 Bullet MT 3.0
107104 Apache SC
107108 Apache C1
108930 TCFD with Counter Steer

103034 Mini Trophy with TSA body
104943 Switch with Scion (White)
104944 Switch with Scion (Silver)
104945 Switch with Scion (Gold Mica)
105865 Nitro Firestorm
105936 Nitro 3 BMW
105940 Nitro 3 Corvette
106162 Sprint 2 Flux with 2010 Camaro
106173 Wheely King
106571 Savage XS Flux
107820 Savage XS SS Kit


  • Your ORIGINAL (No photocopies will be accepted – keep photocopy for your records) sales receipt or invoice with original shop name/logo clearly printed on the receipt (No generic or nameless receipts will be accepted), dated from July 14th through August 31st, 2012.
  • Your ORIGINAL UPC code (Proof of Purchase) from the box.
  • The completed, printed rebate form (which you can download below) included with the other items.


HPI Events – Coming Soon @ Irvine Lake RC Park

Dates for the HPI Racing Events @ Irvine RC Park

We mentioned this new location in an older post with images of Team Chase. We are happy to see some official news with confirmed dates for large scale racing coming soon. These looks to be events hosted by HPI and more details are to follow.

I wonder if its going to be HPI only trucks and cars, I bet that will be the case. Should be interesting.

Follow the thread HERE.

The Driver Stand Podcast interviews Team Chase

The Driver Stand Podcast – Team Chase

LSN is proud to announce we are a new sponsor for The Driver Stand Podcast and Blog. Since its inception of this great podcast it’s been on my favorite list of shows to listen to on the way to work or at my desk. They have made a point to focus on mostly large scale cars and truck, specifically the HPI Baja and the Losi 5IVE-T

From here on out, we will post up new episodes of The Driver Stand right here on LSN. For best results though, we recommend you just check out their site and get their podcast on your iTunes list and let it download automatically.

Check out their official website and blog at www.thedriverstand.ca

In the recent list of hot manufactures interviewed by The Driver Stand, you will find interviews with Barndog, Team FastEddy and Team Chase and so much more.


Killer-RC LiFe RX 3200mah Receiver packs – BLOW OUT!

Add some LiFe to your Losi or HPI 1/5 Scale


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These are 2S 3200mah 6.6volts LiFe packs that fit both the HPI baja and the Losi 5IVE-T.  A great lightweight, safe and powerfull option to power your radio gear. Get them before they are gone!



Limited Carbon Fiber parts on sale now! Hydro Coated

Hydro Coated Carbon Fiber parts for your 1/5 Scale


TGN sells off limited samples – their loss your gain! Press Release Below.


TGN Press Release:

These are parts we had Hydro Coated as samples over a year ago. We love the looks and quality finish this procedure gives these parts. But the time, effort and cost was just not going to pan out at the time. So we held off doing any more of these items. We sat on them for more than a year and now they are for sale at prices below our cost.

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TGN throws some deals on eBay! 3 different HPI 5SC’s – BZM!

TGN eBay deals are HOT!

Check out these 3 trucks we are offering up. These are what we have left over from our RCX booth. Never used, totally new and GREAT deals. Buy and save today!


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