Power Jam 2011 – LSN and RCLS Live Coverage

Live Coverage of the 2011 Power Jam 2011

provided by LargeScaleNews and RCLargeScale

As mentioned HERE, LSN and RCLargeScale are headed out this weekend to cover the 2011 Power Jam race. RCLS will be providing the live feed and video coverage for you while LSN will be posting images and as always bring back hundreds and maybe thousands of images for your viewing pleasure.

Watch this tread for updates on NEWS, Images and Video. New images and posts will be at the top of the page.

For live video feed of the event please go to RCLargeScale.com/live.

Also check out this thread HERE for up to date info and to chat about our coverage.

** Update **

On my way home. Amazing location, killer tracks, awesome people and we will be back for sure. We will make a final post with all our thoughts soon.

** Update 12pm Sunday **

Ron from RonShop showed up today with his oval car and is getting in some track time before his race.

** Updated 8am Sunday **

Last day of the event and we will be posting images of the mains soon. Below are some images of the end of the day and my trip to Indian Beach Amusement Park that’s about 10 miles from the track and where I stayed for the night. Pretty cool park with rides and restaurants either right on the water or in it. They had a fireworks show at 11:30pm and I had a night cap at the upstairs bar with live music. A 180 degrees different from the cigar lounge I was in only one night earlier. Enjoy the pic’s and remember there is many more HERE and you can see other updates and chat in the forums HERE or watch live video feeds HERE. This Crazy Eight track was so cool. So much going on and dust flying everywhere it was just chaos on dirt. A LOT of fun. As some of you know I live to cover the “pits” and the people in them. So in our album you will see many images of what it was like behind the scenes. The TGN table. Got to meet some great customers, some new some old. And many got to come by and “touch and feel” the new BZM Micro 28.5cc engine. Many people liked that… ** Updated 8pm** About to close up shop here guys. Another big day for tomorrow planned. ** Updated 4:30 ** Lots more images on our album HERE. Dont forget the LIVE video feed http://www.rclargescale.com/live/ ** Updated 2PM ** Lots more on our album HERE! ** UPDATED 11PM **

Official images will be posted HERE but when possible we will be updating the thread with good ones.

. . Hope to see some of you there. Arrived in Indy last night, picked up a killer deal on my rental car, a brand new V8 SS Camaro convertible. Went out for a walk late last night, photos below. On my way now to the event, should be there around 9:30am. . Some sort of renovation going on downtown. This is the “circle” in down town Indianapolis. . Here is a great Cigar Lounge called Nicky Blaine’s in the “circle”. I sat and puffed on a cigar while drinking a Dirty Martini and surfing the forum. . Can you believe rental car companies offer a V8 SS Camaro and not only that they dont have me on their “do not rent” list yet. Yes! Picked it up for $25 over standard rate. They said they bought 20 of them for the Indy 500 and rented them out for over $300 a day and they were booked all week long. Thanks to that race I now get to cruz out to Power Jam in style…and in a HURRY.


12 thoughts on “Power Jam 2011 – LSN and RCLS Live Coverage”

  1. we had a great time at the Jam, It was really cool to finally put faces to names and get to know everyone! We’re definately coming down more often.

  2. I not only was able to race with the guys I knew from before but met a lot of cool new people as well. It was great to meet Mark of TGN, Nick of Outerwears, Carlos,Nick, Aaron, Jimmy,John and too many more I don’t have the space to type ’em all! Thanks Scott and Troy for always putting on a good time

  3. Ok this was my first time running a 5th scale in a race and boy was i impressed with this place. The staff was great and the ladies that kept us from going hungery will be bringing me back next year even told them to save my spot and to put a port A potty over there. Even “nancy” and his girl was helpfull in the parts place and man did they have parts just about anything you needed when ya broke.I got to meet some great guys and even learned a few things along the way. All i got left to say is i hope they let us IOWA boys come back to play next year. Thanks Troy and Scott for the great time and put us down for the next big event


  4. it was a blast running edm and chilling with all the people at powerjam. big thank you’s to kevin, chassidy for feeding my skinny bones. LSRC, you really know how to host a great event. really cool to link with the people i met out there on the forums.

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