Bajacross is back! Milestone Raceway – UPDATED WITH RESULTS

Milestone Bajacross 2011 - HPI Baja Racing



Bajacross 2011


Well, the second annual Bajacross event has been put into the books and what a day. The racers started showing up in the cold of the morning and jumping right out on the track for some practice. Looking at the early lap times, we knew right away there was going to be some good racing ahead of us. Having four classes was sure to keep the drivers running tight.


The track had short course influence, along with some big jumps. There was a Bristol high bank burm, a wagon wheel corner, a step up and a drop off.  The 170’ foot back straight let the Baja’s breath before they were brought back under control and launched in the air. The track conditions held up well, considering what Baja’s can do and have done to many tracks, blow them out bad.


With 46 racers, two divisions and two classes, the racers where matched well and the battles kept the crowd using their outside voices. Running two ten minute qualifiers made for a good chance to get a solid idea of where you stood in the ranks. When it all came down to the one hour mains, the teams started to show who had it together and who didn’t.  In many scales of racing the pit stop has been mastered, but in the Baja world ideas of the best process still range and some ideas worked and some didn’t. In the end it came down to not breaking your car, a good pit stop and the usual running of consistent laps to win the race.  Remember, slow is fast. The program ran smoothly and the day went quickly, the last main event finishing as the sun set, which is nice, it leaves time for that good old fashion bench racing when packing for home.


If you hadn’t attended a Bajacross yet, Next time around it’s a must. The out of state guys say the race is well worth the travel. The prizes and give aways where awesome, seeing how the event has the biggest names in the Baja industry supporting it.


Event sponsors,

Title, Turtle Racing

Associate, O’Neill Brothers Racing, Hostile racing, Baja Modifiers

Support, DDM, Scorpion unlimited, TD, Xtreme RC Cars, TGN, HPI Baja forum, HB, HPI

bajacross 2011 Race results

bajacross 2011 Race results

bajacross 2011 Race results

bajacross 2011 Race results

Bajacross is back!

Last year we had a great turnout with even better competition! This year will be no different, with classes ranging from open 5b – sportsman and expert as well as open 5T – sportsman and Expert.



2 rounds of 7 minute qualifying

60 min A-mains

30 min B-mains



May 13 2011 Friday Practice 4pm – 7pm

May 14 2011 Saturday Race

practice 7:30am – 9am Race 10am



$45.00 first class

$20.00 second class

free XL T-shirts with all entries

Trophies for top 3, A and B mains

+ random prize giveaways


Click HERE for more info.

Click HERE to see LSN coverage on the 2009 Baja Nationals held at Milestone RC Park.

Milestone-RC Bajacross 2011 HPI Baja Racing Event

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