Hostile Slicks for your HPI Baja 5t or 5SC are coming.

Hostile Racing Street Slick for the HPI Baja 5t and 5scHostile Steet Slicks for the HPI Baja 5t and 5SC

Pre-Order yours TODAY here!

The Hostile Slicks are a street and track specific tire. The tread area is very thick offering a longer life and the ability to be grooved for dust or water running.

Available in both front and rear for the 5T/SC Baja trucks in soft and medium compounds. The last 2 digits of the part number are the durometer hardness of the tire compound.


  • Front soft or medium
  • Rear soft or medium

Hostile Racing Slicks for the HPI baja 5t and 5b

Hostile Racing Products Street Slick for the HPI baja 5t and 5sc

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