Bartolone Racing Carb Needle Clamp can be yours.

Bartolone Racing Carburetor Needle Clamp for your HPI Baja 5b 5t or 5sc

Bartolone Racing Carb Needle Clamp

It’s not often a top contender in any type of racing will give up his or her secrets to success. Let alone offer them to your for your own race car. Well Bartolone racing has done so many times over. For one he builds tuned and ported engines and second he offers up his tuned pipes he runs on his very own cars and trucks.

Check out this new product from Bartolone Racing. It’s a carburetor needle clamp that ensures your fine tuned adjustments do not go out of whack from all the intense vibration these motors have. They will work on many types of carbs on all types of large scales including the HPI Baja 5b 5t and 5sc.


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Bartolone Racing Carb Clamp for your HPI Baja 5sc and other large scales

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