RC4WD displays at King of the Hammers

RC4WD called TGN and asked if we would like to be a part of their display at the famous King of the Hammers event. TGN has worked closely with RC4WD in the past and its always a good time so we headed to the desert to hang out with the team at this special event.

The RC4WD booth was full of scale builds and custom crawling parts. The full scale guys loved this stuff, they could not believe the detail and how close the 1/10 scale stuff looked compared to the real deal.

Having a HPI baja on hand to represent Large Scale was important for us, we wanted these spectators to see how big these cars are and how much that could be done with a stock HPI baja 5b.

The winners of the event.

Just a random spectator browsing the show…..

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Dunetoberfest 2009- It just gets better and better.

Second time around was even better. I was not sure that was even possible. TGN and friends headed out once again to the desert and hit the dunes with our HPI bajas.

Our friends from Blur came all the way from Germany to try their hands at running in the US desert. I think they handeld the dunes ok but man can those boys cook and drink! We thank you guys from making this long trip, it was a true pleasure to hang out with you all.

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2009 Baja Nationals

TGN was asked by the team at HPI if we could come out the the first ever Baja Nationals in Southern California’s Milestone. We decided we would do our best to get as many vendors involved in the show as possible. Because many of our vendors are not located in California we allowed them to ship displays and have TGN display for them. It was a great turnout as far as vendors and I would say one of the largest turnout for baja racing at that time.

See all the vendors booths and lots more photos HERE.

TGN visits Tokyo Japan

Mark Hull in front of the Tamiya Store

I was lucky enough on my honeymoon to Japan and Korea to convince my wife to allow me to do a little “business” and check out the local hobby scene.

Above you can see I was able to check out the Tamiya Factory Store. The models were down stairs and RC upstairs.  They had just about everything they make on display at this store, you could spend hours and hours there. Oh and thousands and thousands of dollars too.

Below you can see the Kyosho Factory Store. It had a lot of great stuff on display and the best part was they served beer and rented out the tracks and r/c cars. So to get the whole experience of course I ordered up a brew and 30 minutes on the track and away I went. Myself and my wife enjoyed the smaller of the two track for some reason…may have something to do with our skill level. HAHA

TGN visits the Kyosho Factory Store

I was able to visit a handful of hobby stores while in Japan. Some extremely small and kinda random and others about average for a hobby store in the US. They love to hang banners and other bright and cluttered advertising materials.

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Hobby Shop in Tokyo Japan

Hot Rods and Bajas in the sand at the Pismo Beach Classic

For years now TGN had heard the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show was something every car lover should see.

Well we made a call to the promoter and within a couple weeks we had our plan all drawn up. TGN had a booth right next to the boardwalk and just below us we had a track set up right in the sand. It was perfect! With over 100,000 people attending, its easy to say we put the baja and the fun of Large Scale R/C in front of more people than ever before in a 10 hour period.

Here is our booth with our show cars on display. We handed out flyers for both TGN and HPI. People could not believe the work and effort that goes into show cars and were also pleased to see they they run just as good as they look.

TGN would like to thank HPI, DarkSoul, Craftwerks-RC and BajaSkunkWorks for your help with pulling off this event. It would not have been the same without all of your efforts.

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RCX 2008 show proves Large Scale RC is HOT!

This was TGN’s second year at RCX. The first year in 2007 we made a big impression from only our 10×10 foot booth. We had several part manufacturers on hand and a hand full of very custom build bajas. But 2008 we took it to the next level. We had many manufacturers on hand to talk with your customers and the collection of custom built baja were jaw dropping.

It could not be argued, we had the busiest booth hands down!

Sal, our warehouse manager getting a picture to send to his mom.

HPI was their showing off their entire line of products. Including the HPI baja 5b.

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The TGN Showroom

The TGN showroom has shrunk considerably since these photos were taken. But this is a reminder that if your’re ever in the area of Visalia Ca, you arel very welcome to come by and say hello or even better come touch and feel all those aftermarket parts you have always wanted to get your hands on. We are here Monday-Friday 8-4 most of the time. Get all the contact information HERE.

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Dunetoberfest 2007 was a BLAST!

Dunetoberfest 2007 was full of amazing large scale HPI bajas and their owners. From stock 5b’s to fully customized scale builds. All types of radio controlled fun!

Here are the two builds that TGN and Craftwerks-RC showed up with.

A collection of most of the bajas that made it out for the weekend.

The mad sientist from BajaSkunkWorks was showing off this crazy cool custom built 4WD HPI baja 5b. Equipped with a TGN Race Pipe.

Little did we know but this weekend was to go down in history as the start of something very big to come.  I was proud to have attended this event and every one after this.

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