Turtle Racing Losi Desert Buggy Billet Clutch Carrier



Losi DBXL Billet Clutch Carrier from Turtle Racing


Turtle Racing is not wasting any time jumping on this new 4WD platform from Losi. Losi released the 1/5 scale Desert Buggy XL or DBXL recently and it includes a lot of plastic parts. So Turtle Racing has come up with this billet clutch carrier. Read more below.

Part # TUR-L009

Price: $58.00

Link: HERE


This is the Turtle Racing Billet Clutch Bell Carrier for the Losi DBXL. Replace your weak plastic clutch bell carrier with our One Piece Turtle Racing DBXL Clutch Bell Carrier. We have eliminated the 4 separate posts to make install MUCH easier. Our carrier is one piece Billet, CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum to greatly reduce flex and allow better cooling. We also kept the location boss on the bottom to match your DBXL chassis.

Made in USA with quality and pride.

6061 Billet Aluminum CNC machined in house by Turtle Racing.losi-desert-buggy-turtle-billet-clutch-3losi-dbxl-turtle-billet-clutch-2



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