Inside OBR – Episode 2 – Torture Test



Inside OBR – Episode 2 – Torture Test


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Since our first Inside OBR episode, we’ve received countless phone calls and emails asking for another episode. Be careful what you ask for, because this latest episode is all abouttorture testing!

Episode 2 of the Inside OBR series gives you an inside look into the unique ways we torture test our products to make sure they can hold up to the most extreme punishment. From the streets of Los Angeles, to the mountains of California, to the workbench at OBR headquarters, join us on a journey of pain as we take fifth-scale to the limit and beyond.

What Survived the Torture?

During the process of filming this episode, we also developed two new products that survived our rigorous testing.

The first is our 4 Bolt Billet Piston Port Crankcase. As featured in the video, the new crankcase provides additional durability, power, and performance to your engine. The fan cover mount is detachable, making it more durable and easy to replace.

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