Outerwears Cover for Turtle Racing V2 Pull Start


Outerwears Pull Start Cover for the Turtle Racing V2 starter

Well not long after the release of the Turtle Racing V2 Pull Start it looks like Outerwears has provided us with a way to protect the pull start and your flywheel from debri. The pull start cover has to be one of the most sold products for large scale r/c. Its a must on the 1/5 HPI Baja as well as the Losi 5IVE-T. This is sure to be the ultimate combination of parts when it comes to starting your engines. Press release below.



Part Number: 20-2758-xx

Product Link: HERE



Press Release:


Outerwears, Inc

Are You Driving Naked?


Outerwears is announcing the availability of part number 20-2758-__.  The 20-2758 is a new pull start cover to fit the Turtle Racing V2 Billet Pull Start.  The new V2 pull start cover along with all other Outerwears parts are developed using Terra Flo technology giving you the perfect balance between air flow and debris deflection.  Now stand out in the crowd and be protected.  Also, available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Lime Green.  Ask your local dealer for your 20-2758-__ today!  Visit www.outerwears.com to see the complete Outerwears product line.

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