LSN Midweek Web Surfing – Wild R/C!


LSN Midweek Web Surfing – First Edition


When browsing the web we come across some cool stuff sometimes. Not all the time is it related to “Large Scale” and sometimes not related to R/C at all. But we feel compeled to share so we often post them in LSN Finds but though we needed a new category for these types of posts. So from time to time we will post up our LSN Midweek Web Surfing post sharing some of our finds. We hope you enjoy.


Lets get WILD and start with this crazy R/C photo rig I found while browsing a photo blog. These guys strap a $5,000+ camera to an R/C contraption and headed to Kenya to get up close and personal with the wild lions. They came home with some amazing shots like many have never seen before. Words can not explain so I am going to leave you with a couple sample images and a video and link to their site with lots more info. TGN has already offered up our services to these guys in case they are prepared to build an even larger and more stable device.





 Going BIG with Radio Control

Now lets slow down a bit and take a look at a sweet R/C Big Rig. Once shown on LSN when it was played on a major news website, looks like he has more of it finished now.  This is an amazing custom build project and I know very little about it. But I wanted to share a couple of the videos I found on youtube. It is always so neat to see someones pasion for miniatures and R/C realized with a finished project like this. And the fact that they can share it with the world is just that much cooler. It’s sellar work on an incredible build and we are happy to share it with you.



Check out the size of this R/C Mig-25 powered by a real turbine:


Another enourmous R/C plane:



Thats it for today…..I hope you enjoy and please comment below.

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