LSN Exclusive – Super Bee Kill Switch from Killer RC


Killer RCĀ announcesĀ the Super Bee Kill Switch

A LSN Exclusive , Killer RC sent in all the details on this new kill switch just this morning. Read below on on it’s cool features. Thank you Killer RC for sending in the information and for your continued efforts on one of the most popular upgrades racers and bashers alike use on their large scale machines.

Ask all your questions on the Killer RC forum HERE.

Get the Super Bee Kill Switch HERE.

Press Release:

It’s called the Super Bee Kill Switch. It’s replacing the Killer Bee. We’ve packed it full of features.

  • Optional dual ignition contacts for twin engines,
  • Adjustable low battery voltage cutoff (handy for LiFe or LiPo packs)
  • Adjustable glitch sensitivity,
  • Multi color built-in LED
  • Buzzer output with multiple tones
  • LED output, which can power up to 8 sets of Killer RC 6v LED headlights. The headlights will also flash when battery gets low or engine gets hot.
  • Optional dual engine temp sensors w/ adjustable high temp kill,
  • Data Logging, which means you can plug it into your PC and it will show you a graph of your engine temps, radio glitches, and battery voltage.
  • It’s 4 Kill Switch versions in one. No need for multiple versions for different radios.
  • It’s almost half the size of the Killer Bee kill switch.
  • The retail price of the kit is actually lower than the Killer Bee kit was.

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