No Limit RC UK – All Wales Truck Show


No Limit RC UK has checked in with LSN in the past and we always enjoy seeing what they are up to.  Looks like they have had another great showing in the UK where they show the crowds what true bashing is all about. Using mostly large scale cars, specifically the HPI Baja 5b’s.


See them at their next event, the Rallyday.

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Saturday was Trade only and fairly quiet, so we took this opportunity to make sure the Bajas etc were ok for Sunday.   There were hundreds of vehicles – trucks, tractors, cranes,  from all over Wales all immaculately turned out, some with fantastic paint jobs.


The sun shone on Sunday and crowds of people arrived for an enjoyable days entertainment including tractor-pulling, stunt bikes, No Limit RC car display, a national tug-of-war competition, a demo fire engine callout & rescue using cutting equipment and lifting gear on a trailer that had ‘overturned’ on to a car.


We were given a good size arena with 2 wrecker cars to jump.   One of the haulage truck companies at the show Atlantic  Recycling let us use one of their skips to jump and drive  over, which added a bit of interest.


No Limit did three half-hour shows during the day, going out during breaks in the other activities.   The spectators enjoyed the bashing, acrobatics and aero-batics of the Baja  5B`s, 5SC’s and 5T’s.   The displays ended with the NoLimit trademark ‘smash’ through the tailgate windows of the cars, which was appreciated by our audience.


Thanks go to  the show organisers  for arranging the two cars and the area we used for our demonstration.


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