HPI Racing 1/8 Scale Gasoline Powered R/C

HPI Racing announces a 1/8th Scale Gasoline Powered R/C for 2012

HPI sent out an interesting press release (image above is all they sent) the other day. Announcing an 1/8th Scale Gasoline Powered R/C for the year 2012.  Now for you 1/5 large scale  guys you may be used to the word “Gas” meaning only gasoline but for many people it is often the word used for nitro powered glow engines.  But this press release is using the word “Gasoline” and HPI more than anyone should know better than to use that word for anything other than a good ol’ spark plug using, 2-stroke running, pump gas powered engine.

So this is where it gets interesting. I only know of one company who has made small gasoline engines for R/C cars and that is the COMPAGNUCCI R/C CARS that come complete ready to run in a 1/8 scale package. They have been around for a while if I remember correctly but I have never seen much of them here in the US. The press release image shows a monster truck but it also shows a nitro style engine sticking out with no spark plug so I believe this image is just a place holder to throw you us all off.

We will be keeping an eye out for more news on this and inform you as leads develop. We are always happy to see inovation in our industry and as a fan of HPI and gasoline this is something we are excited for.

















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